SINCE 2006
Millionser Group

Millionser Group (MSG), founded in 2006, always bases on the red culture, adhering to the guiding ideology of "Open, Sharing, Win-win" and striving to create a new international enterprise under the new era through relying on the double strength of talent management and capital operation and continuously innovating development mode.

Over ten years of rapid development, MSG regards two genes of art aesthetics and Internet thinking as its core, and radiates its vigorous internal driving force. Meanwhile, it has gradually promoted the effect of industrial clusters to form cluster industry ecosystem through intensive operation and management model with MSG characteristics.

"The Same" — the same goal. In the future, MSG will continue to carry out the business purpose of "People Oriented, Create a Better Life" and build a MSG grand blueprint for centuries!


The Same


Chinese Dream, MSG Action

Guiding Ideology

Open, Sharing, Win-win

Core Value

Pursue the Innovation and Crave the Entrepreneurship

Conduct Standards

Objective, Reasonable and Positive

Business Purpose

People Oriented, Create a Better Life
  • 2003

    With the rapid development of IT and Internet, JUN LYU, who ardently loved computer, founded the Ndian Forum for Civil Servant Test to open the road of campus entrepreneurship.

  • 2006

    With unique market vision and business strategy, JUN LYU led the elite team to enter the advertising field. Ndian Advertising came into being and entered a new stage of innovation and entrepreneurship development.

  • 2007

    We planned the case "The Yanghe River Blue Classic" for Olympic Games, with differentiated marketing strategy, to reshape the brand image of "Blue Classic" and help The Yanghe River Blue Classic shine out in Beijing Olympic Games.

  • 2008

    We set up Wangke Information Technology Co., Ltd. to provide enterprises with professional, all-round, one-stop Internet services. At the same time, we entered the field of e-commerce with keen market insight.

  • 2009

    Based on the unique tea complex of Tieguanyin, SK organic tea — grown up by listening to music, was operated and planed to advocate a healthy and organic life, and used a stereoscopic business model to make it popular.

  • 2010

    Relying on the advantages of producing area and brand, SK organic tea became the franchised manufacturer of Shanghai World Expo, and won the title of "global government and group procurement preferred brand" in the Millennium Development Goals of the World Expo public welfare theme activities.

  • 2011

    Under the opportunity of the state's proposal to accelerate the development of modern agriculture, SK Group was formally established to advance into the agricultural industry in an all-round way with innovative development concept and modern science and technology.

  • 2012

    The competition among major e-commerce companies had entered a white-hot stage. With years of brand practical operation experience, JUN LYU led the enterprise to become one of Alibaba's top 100 e-commerce companies, and be adopted to the Yearbook of the People's Republic of China, witnessing the rise and development of China's e-commerce.

  • 2013

    We stepped into the department stores, environmental protection and car fields, and initiated OAO double stores synchronized operation of information interconnection, resource exchange and mutual value-added, to create a new retail mode of online and offline integration.

  • 2014

    JUN LYU won the Advanced Individuals of the 7th National Golden Bridge Award for his outstanding technological innovation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. In the same year, we applied to the higher authorities for the establishment of the Party branch. The Party construction work became an important force for group's development.

  • 2015

    We led the team into the 8th batch of "double-hundred talents", followed the national development strategy, optimized resource allocation, promoted industrial reconstruction, comprehensively integrated and upgraded as Millionser Group (MSG), and won the title of "Civilized Unit".

  • 2016

    Relying on talent management and capital operation, we laid out various fields such as culture, education, real estate, investment, etc., expanded the group's in-depth development space, activated capacity strength, cultivated new profit growth points, and constantly consolidated and improved the diversified industry foundation.

  • 2017

    We compiled Business Calendar, analyzed the life code of enterprise development, and explored the dialectical philosophy development law of enterprises. Meanwhile, we carried out social and livelihood undertakings extensively and transferred the positive energy to the society with the original intention of "Benefit Thousands of People".

  • 2018

    We grasped the development trend and opportunity of capital investment and financing, laid out the financial industry, joined hands with the Alibaba to set up the Millionville Fund so as to promote the group's high-quality development, expanded industrial development fund, and further extended the group's large business.

  • 2019

    We upgraded as MSG Party General branch, actively responded to the call of national policy, dug the value of culture and tourism industry and gave new connotation. At the same time, we stepped into the innovation and attempt in the frontier high-tech field and enhanced the core competitiveness to form a strong pillar of the group's high-speed and sustainable development.

  • 2020

    The Same — the same goal. In the future, MSG will continue to practice the business tenet of "People-oriented, create a better life", constantly innovate the development mode, and create a new international enterprise under the new era.