Based on China's socialist market economic system and the global market environment, China Business Calendar (CBC) analyzes the life code of enterprise's individual development, starting from the origin of economic management, to explore the philosophical law of enterprises' dialectical development and witness its development cycle from quantitative to qualitative changes, which is the profound accumulation of enterprise culture.

Drawing the essence of the Chinese Studies, CBC has its own rigorous logic, rule-based, self-renewal calculation system, which has the same results but is different from the traditional Chinese calendar — the Chinese lunar calendar. It is of great research and inheritance value for enterprises to identify the year name, clear the operations and managements, emphasize the strategics, know the diagnoses and forecast the future.

CBC integrates calendar with enterprise management, cultural value and operation strategy, which is periodicity, reversibility and evolution.



Periodicity: CBC reveals the law of enterprise development, of which "eternity and reincarnation" is its important characteristic. The four major phases of "Start, Expansion, Advance, Achievement" represent the dynamic track of enterprise development and growth, which repeats itself, 12 years as a cycle and 36 years as a "business cycle".


Reversibility: Time is irreversible, but enterprise development is reversible. CBC has the same quality of reversibility with enterprise development. If there are mistakes in the process of following the CBC, the starting point of the problem can be restarted.


Evolution: CBC has experienced vicissitude process. Each enterprise has its life, so does CBC. At the same time, in the footsteps of the era, it keeps pace with the changes, advances with the era, and iterates itself.

◆ The model is composed of four circles, which implies that CBC runs round and round and reincarnates constantly without beginning or end.

◆ The model runs counter-clockwise, implying that it goes upstream and backward without fear of difficulties or drifting with the current.

◆ The central pointer is fixed and unchanged, but the four circles rotate in turn, which implying that the heart remains still and the foot is always changing. Thing changes with its origin. We should not only keep the original intention firmly, but also move forward steadily.

◆ The outer circle stands for the passing of time and calls for cherishing every minute and second. Each grid also stands for a footprint, which implies that we should take every step one by one and well.

Three operations, four managements and twelve branches show business opportunities round and round.

"Start, Expansion, Advance, Achievement" are the four managements; "Good Timing, Right Condition, Right Team" are the three operations; "Plum, Orchid, Bamboo, Chrysanthemum, Pine and Lotus" are called the upper six branches, while "Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple" are called the lower six branches, which are collectively called the twelve branches.

The composition of operation, management and branch forms the enterprise development cycle calendar, that is, six hours as a day, six seasons as a year, three years as a phase, and four phases as a cycle. Three operations, four managements and twelve branches are matched in a fixed order to form CBC.


Four managements move first, so do three operations. Twelve branches change rapidly without halt. These three complement each other for the purpose of business chronology, inspiration and operation.

Four Managements:

It reveals the trend. All things in the world, from the beginning to the end, never endangers. Enlighten the development of enterprises at all phases by the law of the circulation of all things.

Four Managements Explanation
Start The beginning of all things, it means beginning.
Expansion The formation of all things, it means pioneering.
Advance The growth of all things, it means advancing.
Achievement The growth of all things, it means gaining.

Three operations:

It emphasize action. None of them should be absent, although the victory will bring disaster. With the momentum of heaven and earth fortune, it expounds the key factors of the enterprise's vigorous development.

Three Operations Explanation
Good Timing The objective social situation, market opportunities and entrepreneurship environment.
Right Condition Self-created product services, strategic resources, and enterprise environment.
Right Team The values, cultural atmosphere and talent team formed as a whole.

The upper branches show the strategies, and the lower branches indicate changes.

The upper six branches: Plum, Orchid, Bamboo, Chrysanthemum, Pine and Lotus represent six seasons a year.

The lower six branches: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple represent six hours a day.

The upper six branches:

It shows the strategies. When spring comes to autumn, months are different, but the strategy is the same. Six seasons a year illustrates the way of enterprise operation and decision-making.

Upper Branches Months Explanation
Plum January & February Plum blossoms first in the spring, early than other flowers the world. At the beginning of the new year, we should strive for the first place and lay a foundation.
Orchid March & April Reputation is known all over the world and has settled in thousands of families. Business has ready, to seek cooperation and build brand.
Bamboo May & June One section after another, thousands of branches accumulate thousands of leaves. Open up new frontiers and expand new horizons, concentrating our efforts and daring to tackle difficulties.
Chrysanthemum July & August While picking asters 'neath the Eastern fence, my gaze upon the Southern mountain rests. Judge the situation and know the progress and opportunity.
Pine September & October The pine trees grow out of the clouds and stand tall and upright for thousands of feet. We should be upright, expanding the pattern and seeking breakthroughs.
Lotus November & December Lotus grows in mud, yet never contaminates with it. She floats on waving water, yet never dances with it. We should eliminate gains and losses, accumulate experience, and specify strategy.

The lower six branches:

It indicate the changes. Circumstances change with the pass of time. Thinking changes six hours a day, annotating the enterprise innovation changes.

Lower Branches Time Explanation
Red 04:00-08:00 At the beginning of the sunshine, we must strive to seize the good time.
Orange 08:00-12:00 Relaxation is moderate, understanding the retraction and release, dynamic and static in a complementation situation.
Yellow 12:00-16:00 Rejuvenating power should be moved and sustainable for brainstorming.
Green 16:00-20:00 We should get the power, create harmony and endow team life.
Blue 20:00-00:00 When governing by inaction, it's time to meditate and plan the strategy moderately.
Purple 00:00-04:00 Raise your energy and build it up to meet new challenges.