Dear Friends,

Thank you very much for your great support and help to Millionser Group (MSG) for a long time. Here, I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you.

Since its establishment, MSG has always put the red culture rooted in the development, adhered to the concept of "everything follows the Party", and carried out the Party's principles and policies. We have studied the Party's policy of governing the country and advanced ideas, and injected its essence into the management and operation, pointing out the direction for the vigorous development. For these, we have embarked on a sustainable path of intensive management guided by the spirit of the Party.

Over ten years, we have been integrating industrial resources, breaking down barriers, taking into account the healthy development of multiple industries, and relying on the "double strengths" of talent management and capital operation,to innovate development models, enhance the effect of industrial clusters, build a multi-industry ecosystem, and achieve the expansion and upgrading of the business blueprint.

In this process, the joint efforts of all staff are indispensable. We know well that an enterprise without talent is an enterprise without future. Therefore, MSG focuses on the core value of "People-oriented", puts human resources first, attaches importance to their needs, encouragement and training, so that they can enjoy the achievements of long-term development of enterprises and grow together under promoting MSG development.

As the group continues to grow, our social responsibility has become more and more important. I always believe that if we want to do business, we should be an enterprise that can serve the society and help others. Therefore, we stand in the front line of public welfare and continue to deliver positive social energy through long-term poverty alleviation, attention to the seriously ill groups, education advocating, disaster relief, public welfare events, etc., so as to achieve the good vision of benefiting all people.

"The Same" — the same goal. Currently, the group has entered the fast lane of sound development. Faced with the changes of the new era, we will continue to deepen the humanistic thought, integrate the global high-quality resources comprehensively, keep up with the tide of the era, cultivate and lay out diversified industries with an open vision, shared thinking and win-win mentality, and meet new challenges with a more vigorous and promising spirit and attitude.