Under the background of the new normal economy, responding positively to the call of the national policy and implementing the restructuring and upgrading in an all-round way, three innovative and large-scale core industries of "Cultural Tourism, New Technology and Investment & Financing", have been formed, which are the powerful pillars of the group's high-speed and sustainable development.
Rooted in the culture, MSG constantly digs into the value of the cultural tourism industry, and endows the traditional cultural tourism with new connotations, so as to make it full of vitality and energy, showing the characteristics of high-quality, immersion and full of life, thus promoting the re-integration and deep development of the industrial resources of cultural tourism.

Related Field: Film & TV Media

Committed to the exploration and innovation of Pan-entertainment industry, the business covers film and television investment and production, music records, artist brokerage, publicity and distribution, film and television business authorization and other businesses. MSG has successfully participated in the investment and production of many Hollywood film and television projects, established stable cooperation with senior producers, screenwriters, directors, actors and so on at home and abroad, and won a good reputation in the industry.

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Related Field: Tourism & Arts

Emphasizing high-quality tourism services, it deeply integrates tourism with natural scenery and local culture, focusing on creating a gene-rich complex tourism resort with stage performances, leisure tourism, customized travel and other high-quality products, so as to meet the diverse tourism needs of "novelty, knowledge and pleasure".

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Cultural Industries

Stage Performances

Customized Travel

Related Field: Property & Real Estate

With many years of experience in real estate development and property management, it integrates real estate with culture, giving new cultural vitality to the real estate industry. Now, it has developed and operated many cultural tourism real estate, commercial complexes and high-quality residential buildings in major cities.

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Grasping the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation as an opportunity of the times, MSG first steps into innovation and attempt of high-tech fields, realizes independent R&D and controllability of key technology, and contributes to the leap-forward development of modern technology.

Related Field: Advanced Materials

It integrates the development and integration of cutting-edge material resources and provides the overall solution for the research, production and application of new materials such as precursor, photo resistance, photolithographic matching, and polymer rubber and plastic. The products are widely used in semiconductor, new energy, power, communication, ship, architecture, rail transit, electrical equipment, intelligent terminal and so on.

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Related Field: Game Software

The team made up of professionals with years of experience on the Internet, games and media industries, specializes in the research, development and technical consulting services of web game, mobile game and software. They have successfully produced many popular products with profound technology, development, operation and management experience, bringing users the supreme experience of culture, enthusiasm and joy.

Related Field: Biomedical Treatment

It has developed and produced high-quality pectin with nearly 300,000 acres of cooperative suppliers of pectin materials at home and abroad. The products are widely used in the fields of dairy beverages, jams, soft candies and pharmaceuticals. At the same time, MSG actively builds a modern rehabilitation hospital in line with international standards, featuring severe diseases rehabilitation. It provides one-stop service from treatment to maintenance for patients by introducing Singapore's rehabilitation concept and medical management model.

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Lemon Biotechnology
Taho Rehab
Under the environment of economic globalization, it accurately perceives the latest trend and huge potential of the development of emerging industries. It has a perfect strategic investment and financing system, as well as many LP/GP resources and industrial funds, which can inject strong capital guarantee into high-quality projects.

Related Field: Industrial Funds

MSG joins hands with co-founder of Alibaba Group, together with financial big shots at home and abroad, to integrate high-quality resources from all sides. With global vision and the practical experience of professional commercial investment and financing, the industrial funds have been established in Beijing, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Inner Mongolia and so on, contributing to the economic development of society.

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Related Field: Investment Management

Focusing on the investment of wholly-owned projects of MSG, with its mature capital operation ability and efficient asset management system for enterprises, it provides a strong guarantee for the development of MSG diversified industries, and also has important significance for promoting the employment of talents, industrial upgrading and public services in Xiamen.

Related Field: Asset Management

Efficient enterprise asset management mainly centers on the scientific management of the "in, out, and use" links of assets, to help capitalists and entrepreneurs manage tangible and intangible assets more professionally, effectively and comprehensively, and realize the rational allocation of resources.