Under the background of the new normal economy, seeing clearly the global development trend and responding positively to the call of the national policy, two innovative and large-scale core sectors of "Cultural Tourism and Big Digital" have been formed, which are the powerful pillars of the group's high-speed and sustainable development.
Rooted in the culture, MSG constantly digs into the value of the cultural tourism industry, and endows the traditional cultural tourism with new connotations, so as to make it full of vitality and energy, showing the characteristics of high-quality, immersion and full of life, thus promoting the re-integration and deep development of the industrial resources of cultural tourism.

Related Field: Film & TV Media

Committed to the exploration and innovation of Pan-entertainment industry, the business covers film and television investment and production, music records, artist brokerage, publicity and distribution, film and television business authorization and other businesses. MSG has successfully participated in the investment and production of many Hollywood film and television projects, established stable cooperation with senior producers, screenwriters, directors, actors and so on at home and abroad, and won a good reputation in the industry.

Classic Cases

MSG Art Troupe

MSG Art Troupe, with art as its carrier, is a non-profit and public welfare art organization.

Wonderful Activities

In 2019, the 1st MSG Art Festival — "New Voice" singing competition was held.

In 2019, China (Xiamen) Merchant Chorus Festival was organized.

From 2017 to 2019, many seasons of the national cultural children's talent and public welfare brand competition — Children Voice were held continuously.

In 2018, the cultural public welfare activity of "Double Ninth Festival, strong respect for the elderly" was carried.

In 2018, we attended Nanjing Lantern Festival party.

In 2017, the National Children's Visual Art Exhibition was held.

In 2012, we sang at Beijing Times — public music show "walking into National Stadium".

In 2011, we participated in the 4th charity dinner of the bright angel foundation of the Cross Foundation.

In 2008, we sang at the "charm Changde" station of the "Olympic Games have me" National Tour Concert.

In 2008, we participated in CCTV-3 "humanitarian force" Volunteer Day public welfare party.

In 2008, we participated in the public music show held by Public Welfare Weekly Magazine.



Related Field: Tourism & Arts

Emphasizing high-quality tourism services, it deeply integrates tourism with natural scenery and local culture, focusing on creating a gene-rich complex tourism resort with stage performances, leisure tourism, customized travel and other high-quality products, so as to meet the diverse tourism needs of "novelty, knowledge and pleasure".

Classic Cases

Cultural Industries

Stage Performances

Adventure of Neverland
The Meet • Kulangsu

Customized Travel

Culture & Tourism Estate

With rich experience in business operation, it has built a highly personalized and diversified classic culture and tourism projects, relying on real estate development and property management and combined with mature business philosophy of culture and tourism, and now has developed and operated multiple culture and tourism estate and commercial complexes in major cities.

Classic Cases