Publication Date:08/01/2019

Sales Representatives

Job Information
Education requirements:Vocational secondary school degree or above
Job type: Full-time
Objects: Unlimited
Working place: Huli District, Xiamen City
Working hours: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week, normal day shift
Salary and Benefits: Five Insurances, Housing Fund, Double Pay in the End of Year, Achievement bonus, Festival Welfare, Full-time Award

1. Do well in consumer reception; accept the consumers' reservation from various channels and implement them.
2. Make a detailed booking of the order system and complete the work of sales indicators.
3. Understand and collect consumers' suggestions and opinions, and feedback them to the superior in time.
4. Establish a high-quality and noble service image of the group brand with standardized service etiquette.

5. Make a target plan according to the sales performance of the department, develop intentional customers through multiple channels, and complete the monthly individual performance indicators.
6. Communicate with the superior regularly about the contents and problems of each stage, and summarize at the same time, so as to improve the work plan and effectiveness.
7. Strictly implement the company's rules and regulations, obey the arrangements and management, and complete the overlapping tasks assigned by leaders.

1.Vocational secondary school degree or above; more than one year sales experience.
2. Have strong affinity, good sales skills, coordination and communication skills and customer development ability; solve problems independently; deal with problems encountered in the process of work in a timely manner.
3. Has a strong sense of responsibility and hard-working professional quality.

Contact Information
Contact person: HR recruiting specialist
Phone number: 0592-5280052
Address: No. 9, Fanghu West Second Road, Huli District, Xiamen City, China