Publication Date:08/01/2019

Investment Manager

Job Information
Education requirements: Unlimited
Job type: Full-time
Objects: Unlimited
Working place: Huli District, Xiamen City, China
Working hours: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week, normal day shift
Salary and Benefits: Five Insurances, Housing Fund, Double Pay in the End of Year, Festival Welfare

1. Assist the leaderto manage group and the subordinate enterprises in foreign investment work.
2. Responsible for sorting out, optimizing and perfecting the relevant systems of investment management.
3. Participate in the selection, evaluation and demonstration of key investment projects of groups and the subordinate enterprises.
4. Be responsible for the investigation and analysis of specific projects or industries, and submit corresponding investigation report, due diligence report, investment feasibility analysis and investment proposal report.
5. Responsible for the daily management, maintenance, monitoring and other post-investment management of the projects that have been put into operation.

1. Finance, management and other related professional education background; bachelor's degree or above; master's degree is preferred.
2. More than five years of relevant working experience in large enterprises, asset companies, investment companies, fund and securities institutions; with practical experience in equity investment, non-performing assets disposal, etc.
3. Professional certificates such as securities fund practicing qualification, CPA, lawyer practicing qualification or relevant working experience are preferred.
4. Strong ability of logical analysis, language expression and writing.
5. Active, strong sense of responsibility and team spirit.

Contact Information
Contact person: HR recruiting specialist
Phone number: 0592-5280052
Address: No. 9, Fanghu West Second Road, Huli District, Xiamen City