Publication Date:08/01/2019

New Media Operator

Job Information
Education requirements: College graduateor above
Job type: Full-time
Objects: People who has more than one year working experience
Working place: Xiamen City
Working hours: 8 hours/day, 5 days/week, normal day shift
Salary and Benefits: Five Insurances, Housing Fund, Overtime Allowance, Festival Welfare, Full-time Award

1. Responsible for the compilation and operation of the daily content of the group's official website, WeChat and other platforms.
2. Collect and study the hot topics on the Internet, and adjust and update the content of WeChat in real time according to the characteristics of new media.
3. Responsible for the planning, creativity, execution, operation, report and summary of the WeChat large-scale activities.
4. Investigate the preferences of target user groups. On this basis, locate customer needs and preferences, and increase the number of fans.
5. Complete other tasks designated by superiors, such as copywriting, work exchange, etc.

1.College graduate or above, with more than one year related work experience.
2. Has strong sensitivity about news and hot spot; has a strong ability in  copywriting.  
3. Has abundant experience in promotion of online and offline activities; be familiar with the implementation process of word-of-mouth marketing.
4. Good sense of the net, excellent creativity, strong execution, good strategic thinking ability, having ability of writing programs, and mastering picture processing software.
5. Wide knowledge, active thinking, positive work, sense of responsibility, and being able to accept greater work pressure.
6. Having successful cases in the operation of official website and WeChat are preferred.
7. Has good team spirit, strong execution, independent thinking, observation and adaptability.

Contact Information
Contact person: HR recruiting specialist
Phone number: 0592-5280052
Address: No. 9, Fanghu West Second Road, Huli District, Xiamen City, China