With the purpose of resource sharing, it integrates high-quality social resources, constantly breaks down industrial barriers, and promotes cooperation, exchanges, and complementation of each others' advantages among all sides, to form a comprehensive service platform of "open, sharing, win-win".
With the original intention of non-profit, MSG further cultivates the field of social and livelihood, extensively develops social inclusive services and promotes the landing of social foundation facilities, so as to meet the diverse living needs of the people and help improve the social security system.

Related Field: Education

Taking art education as a foothold, small and fine as the basic school-running characteristic, MSG injects high-quality "art gene" into the education industry chain and gradually improves the featured modes of happy education, quality education, outdoor exploration and others, through integrating the educational resources at home and abroad, so as to create a happy learning and growth environment for children.

Classic Cases

Related Field: Sports

MSG actively responds to the national strategy of "national fitness", and advocates "sports as a stage, spirit sings", owning various sports projects, perfect training system, large-scale complex gym, widely carrying out friendship, interest and international competitions, and taking high sports spirit as the group's characteristic culture, thus forming the blueprint of MSG sports undertakings, to inject new vitality into green city!

Classic Cases

Related Field: Business Communication

Slogan: Millionser Changes Territories

A powerful resource integration platform based on the background of big data era, gathers multi-sources information from users, merchants and society, integrates Internet, Internet of Things, AI technology and artificial intelligence, effectively breaks through the application barriers and avoids the information island effect, so as to meet people's high-quality life experience and scene needs.

Classic Cases

Its mature project incubation system, which covers abundant upstream, mid-stream and downstream industrial supporting, is an important complement to the group's industrialization process, making the diversified industrial structure more reasonable, perfect and smooth.

Related Field: VanSpirit

Its products and brand are developed by MSG. Ecological health is the initial intention of products research and development; cultural feeling is the deep thinking of brand thought; full spirit is the sublimation of VanSpirit's.

Classic Cases

Related Field: Business Leisure

A creative restaurant with VANVAN IP as its theme provides catering leisure, business exchange, community gathering, cultural exhibition and other services. With precise customized services, exquisite products experience and dedicated management attitude, it creates a healthy, comfortable and adorable gathering place that suitable for business people, literary youth, and parent-child families.

Classic Cases

Related Field: Home Life

Starting from people's home life, it provides services such as house customization, power supply, Millionser Mall shopping, so as to convey the idea of "people-oriented thinking" to millions of households and meet the diversified needs of customers.

Classic Cases

Adhering to the overall vision and strategic thinking, MSG with a sense of responsibility and courage, has devoted itself to philanthropy and public welfare activities for a long time, continuously disseminating positive energy, committed to fulfilling social responsibility and striving to build a harmonious development pattern between enterprises and society.


All along, MSG attaches great importance to public charity undertakings, strives to fulfill social responsibility, and contributes to the construction of a harmonious society.

* MSG establishes Yunhui Poverty Alleviation Service Center to help the poor and needy families for a long time, aid the seriously ill groups with love, and appeal to society to pay attention to the rehabilitation of deaf children, etc.

* MSG launches the Poverty Alleviation Project in Lingbi County, with more than 24,000 agricultural products on the platform, creating value nearly 4 million yuan, which is unanimously affirmed by the local government and fellow villagers.

* MSG initiates Xiamen Leifeng Volunteer Association, actively carries forward Leifeng spirit, continuously deepens volunteer service, and vigorously promotes the construction of urban civilization.

* MSG actively sponsors "98 China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT98), Boao Forum, International Marathon, Ivy League, Alumni Association, Education Industry Expo", etc.


Over the years, MSG has been following the Party and devoted to being a sentimental, warm and responsible enterprise. It has set up "Millionser Red Fund", "Millionser Growth Fund", "Promoting Learning and Education Fund", "Millionser Entrepreneurship Fund in Hefei University of Technology", "Millionser Arts Development Fund in Fujian Normal University" and so on. It has earnestly invested in and implemented public welfare projects.

* Millionser Red Fund

With the original intention of transmitting the red positive energy, MSG has been exploring and innovating in the field of "Party Building & Public Welfare". Through the establishment of "Millionser Red Fund", it sings the theme of the original intention and solidly promotes the construction of basic-level Party organizations.

* Millionser Growth Fund

At the 13th Third Strategic Group Meeting, MSG put forward new goals at the level of social responsibility and decided to launch the "Millionser Growth Plan", which selected outstanding children from all sectors of society, and provided support from the "Millionser Growth Fund" to help them grow up healthily.

* "Promoting Learning and Teaching" Education Fund

On the 20th Anniversary of Anxi No.7 Middle School — Friendship Association of 1998 Graduates, MSG joined hands with well-known alumni to set up the "Promoting Learning and Education Fund", aiming at affirming the excellent teachers' teaching achievements, while nurturing more outstanding students to send more talents to society and help the development of Alma Mater.

* Millionser Entrepeurship Fund in Hefei University of Technology

As an outstanding alumnus of Hefei University of Technology, JUN LYU always cares about the development of his school. He has contributed money to the construction of the History Hall and the Alumni Activity Center of Hefei University of Technology. At the same time, he has set up the "Millionser Entrepreneurship Fund in Hefei University of Technology" to train innovative and entrepreneurial talents and support college students to actively participate in the practice of innovation and entrepreneurship.

* Millionser Arts Development Fund in Fujian Normal University

Education is the foundation of a century-long plan. The establishment of "Millionser Arts Development Fund in Fujian Normal University" provides a platform of cultural innovation and artistic exchange for students, and illuminates their artistic dreams.


In order to let every child have a chance to make a good life, MSG always pays attention to children's growth, actively cooperates with all sides of society, and builds a public welfare platform for children to exercise, develop their abilities and improve their quality.

* Children Voice

With the aim of "conveying civilization by voice", Children Voice is the nationally cultural public welfare brand competition IP for children's art. Perfect competition system, professional evaluation and rich operational team have called on wide participation of the society since the start of the competition.

* Millionser Football

Little football carries big dream. As a large-scale brand event to help promote children's football, it aims at "happy football" and promotes the development of children's football in China by popularizing the knowledge and skills of football, so as to improve the healthy growth of children's quality.