Release Date:10/16/2019

Public Bidding for Projection Equipment for Gulangyu Theater Purchase Project

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In accordance with the relevant provisions of "Government Procurement Law of the People's Republic of China", public bidding for Projection Equipment for Gulangyu Theater Purchase Project is being carried out. Suppliers who meet the qualifications are welcome to participate in the bidding.

Project Information
NameProjection Equipment for Gulangyu Theater Purchase Project
PlaceNo. 217, Zhongshan Road, Siming District, Xiamen City
IntroductionProjection Equipment Purchase
Technical Parameters

1. The LCD panel size ( ≥1.03 inch) contains micro lens.

2. Brightness (≥12000 lumen); Resolution (≥1920×1200); Contrast (≥ 2500000:1)

3. Zoom ratio (≥1.61 times)

4. Lens function: replaceable lens, electric zoom, electric focusing, electric displacement, lens position memory function.

5. Light source: laser diode (≥ 670W), 20000 hours (normal mode), 30000 hours (extended mode).

6. Interfaces: D-Sub 15-pin×1, 5BNC×1, HDMI×1, DVI-D×1, HDBaseT×1, RS-232C×1, RJ45×1, USB-A×1, USB-B×1.

7. Support point correction, black field correction, geometric correction function, and 4K enhancement technology.

8. Built-in color correction system: built-in camera that can automatically detect and adjust color.

9. Lens position memory function: store 10 sets of lens setting parameters.

10. Lens moving range: vertical: -60% to + 60% (center horizontally), horizontal: -18% to + 18% (center vertically).

11. Full 360 degree installation projection.

12. Built-in edge fusion function, multi-screen projection system, support split-screen projection function and DICOM SIM mode.

13. Adjustable brightness: the brightness can be adjusted to 1% accurately.

14. The built-in HDBaseT interface can realize long-distance transmission.

15. Ultra-short focal projection lens with zero offset can be selected.

16. Machine power (≥ 908W), standby power (≤0.3W)

17. Black body, weighing about 21.9 kg.

Technical parameters are based on the above data. It is suggested that 2 to 3 brand solutions with the same grade and better cost plan can be provided.

Warranty24 months
Estimated Amount¥150,000 (excluding taxes)
Quoted Items1 projector, which should specify the brand and model of the equipment, as well as freight, installation and commissioning, tax, etc.
PaymentThe contract is signed with 30% advance payment; inspection of merchandise received is good with 65% payment, and 5% as guarantee fee.
Bidding Information

1. The supplier shall be an enterprise registered in the People's Republic of China and qualified as an independent legal person. The business license shall be valid for a period of time and provide a copy of it.

2. Certificate of agency authorization qualification for the corresponding brand.

3. The product qualification certificate, test report and other relevant certificates should be provided.

4. There is no written statement of major violation of discipline within three years before the supplier participates in the tender.

5. Bidders listed on the "Credit China" blacklist will be refused to participate in this tender. The results of the inquiry on the "Credit China" website ( shall be applied.

6. This project does not accept joint venture bidding.

Bidding DocumentsBidding documents should specify the detailed quotation items and the supply cycle.
Bidding Time09:00 a.m. on Jul. 2nd, 2019 to 3:00 p.m. on Jul. 16th, 2019
Opening Time3:00 p.m. on Jul. 16th, 2019
Opening AddressFloor 4 of Millionser Group, Fanghu West 2nd Road, Huli District, Xiamen City, China
Contact Information
ContactMs. Wu
AddressMillionser Group, Fanghu West 2nd Road, Huli District, Xiamen City, China

Purchasing Department of Millionser Group

Jul. 1st, 2019