Jun Lyu

As a postgraduate of Management Science and Engineering Major in Hefei University of Technology, he holds the position of MSG CEO at present. He is keen on innovation and entrepreneurship, leading the team to research and develop business calendar, and working with Alibaba Hupan Fund and Small Village Capital to establish Millionville Fund so as to help the national economic development. Over the years, Jun Lyu has devoted himself to charity and public welfare, actively responded to social public welfare activities and spread positive energy.

Chinese Name:
Junkun Lv
Date of Birth:
Jun. 17th, 1982
Ethnic Group:
Hefei University of Technology


In 2003, he established Endian civil servants forum to open the road of campus entrepreneurship.

In 2006, he set up Endian Advertising and stepped into Internet industry.

In 2007, he planned the case "The Yanghe River Blue Classic" for Olympic Games to accumulate brand strategy experience.

In 2008, he set up Netizen Information, entered the field of e-commerce and shaped Internet brand.

In 2009, he operated and planned tea brand — SK organic tea.

In 2010, he qualified as the franchised manufacturer of Shanghai World Expo.

In 2011, SK Group was established to enter the agricultural industry in an all-round way.

In 2012, under his leadership, the group became the Alibaba's top 100 Internet merchants, and was adopted to the Yearbook of the People's Republic of China.

In 2013, the group stepped into the department stores, environmental protection and car fields, achieving OAO double stores synchronized operation.

In 2014, he won the 7th National Golden Bridge Award for Advanced Individuals.

In 2015, he led the team into the 8th batch of Xiamen "double-hundred talents".

In 2016, MSG entered the fields of culture, education, life, finance and Internet.

In 2017, MSG compiled the first Business Calendar.

In 2018, MSG joined hands with the Alibaba to set up the Millionville Fund.

In 2019, he holds the position of MSG CEO and Hangzhou GOSING (Stock Code: 300478) chairman, and won the 9th Public Figure Award of China Charity Festival.

Present Position


Social Function

Deputy Chairman of Education Foundation of Hefei University of Technology

President of Xiamen Alumni Association of Hefei University of Technology

Deputy Chairman of China Industrial Cooperation Association

Managing Director of China Good Agri-products Development & Service Association

Director of Cross-strait Youth Entrepreneurship Service Center

President of Fujian Tree Climbing Association

Executive President of Xiamen Lei Feng Volunteers Association

Vice President of Xiamen Badminton Association

Director of Xiamen Happy Football Extension Center

Executive Vice President of Xiamen Anxi Chamber of Commerce

Vice President of Anxi Tea Association

Hangzhou GOSING Chairman

Social Activities

On Sept. 30, 2016, at the 19th CIFIT, Jun Lyu, MSG CEO, as an important guest, was invited to participate in the Southern Fujian Merchants Youth Leaders Summit to exchange and share innovation and entrepreneurship experience with all walks of life in politics and business.

On Oct. 11, 2017, a new book Sea Love on the Silk Road was published at the Shanghai Haipai Cultural Center in Shanghai, which showed the ancient Maritime Silk Road in Quanzhou. Jun Lyu, MSG CEO, was invited to attend the event. He also said he would cooperate with many parties to launch a series of derivative works such as film, drama, animation, comic strips, etc., so as to create a cultural highlight of "The Belt and Road Initiative".

On Sept. 15, 2018, the general meeting of Xiamen Alumni Association of Hefei University of Technology was held in Xiamen, where a new Council of Xiamen Alumni Association was elected, and Jun Lyu became the president.

On Oct. 26, 2018, Jun Lyu, MSG CEO, attended the Financial Investment Forum of 2018 Alumni Association of Hefei University of Technology (Xiamen Branch) to discuss the importance of technical innovation in creating a better life.

On Dec. 28, 2018, Jun Lyu, MSG CEO, participated in the opening ceremony of 2018 China · Xiamen International Tree Climbing Tournament, making a voice for the development of China's sports industry.

On Apr. 30, 2019, Jun Lyu, MSG CEO, was invited to attend the 21st Martial Arts Culture Festival and Campus Opening Day of Quanzhou Southern Shaolin International School to share the importance of transmitting art education and promote the prosperous development of China's art education.

On Jul. 25, 2019, Jun Lyu accompanied Guo Guirong, vice mayor of Xiamen, and other relevant leaders to visit Millionser Kindergarten for in-depth research.

On Aug. 1, 2019, MSG CEO Jun Lyu, attended the 5th International well-known universities students basketball match of "sports lottery cup" in 2019, witnessing the highlights of the match.

On Sep.7, 2019, leaders of Jinggangshan City visited MSG for inspection. Jun Lyu started communication with them on the development of Jinggangshan tourism and helped the tourism market of Jinggangshan develop new vitality.

On Oct. 20, 2019, Jun Lyu, MSG CEO, was invited to attend the final of 2019 China (Xiamen) Merchant Chorus Festival and delivered a wonderful speech.

On Oct. 26, 2019,Jun Lyu was invited to attend the opening ceremony of The 2019 Cross-strait & Hong Kong and Macao Sports Series for General Public — Tree Climbing Tournament, leading the association to help the development of Tree Climbing.

On Oct. 27, 2019, the inaugural meeting of Fujian Tree Climbing Association, the 1st provincial Tree Climbing Association in the mainland, was held. Jun Lyu was elected president of Fujian Tree Climbing Association and delivered his inaugural speech.

On Nov. 8, 2019, the 2nd meeting of the 5th Council of China Industrial Cooperation Association was held in Sichuan, and Jun Lyu was elected vice president of the 5th Council.

On Nov. 9, 2019, Jun Lyu and his delegation attended the 2019 alumni work seminar of Hefei University of Technology, and made a speech on behalf of Xiamen Alumni Association of Hefei University of Technology, exchanging and sharing work experience with alumni.

On Nov. 23, 2019, Jun Lyu, as an invited guest, participated in the unveiling ceremony of Singapore's "Transfong" Deep Teck Park jointly supported by the Chinese and Singaporean governments, helping to build an international platform for scientific and technological innovation.

On Nov. 27, 2019, Jun Lyu, MSG CEO, returned to Quanzhou Southern Shaolin International School for a visit and exchange, and had in-depth discussion to promote the construction and development of the Alma Mater.

On Dec. 2, 2019, we conducted in-depth research and discussion with the Disaster Medicine Research Institute of Tianjin University around the project of emergency management research center, and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement to jointly promote the construction of China's emergency management system.

On Dec. 6, 2019, 2020 graduates' demand information and admission policy of Xiamen City and the school-enterprise docking activity were held in Hefei University of Technology. Jun Lyu, as an important representative, attended the activity and made a special sharing to "speak for" Xiamen.

On Dec. 29, 2019, Jun Lyu attended the general meeting of Fujian Industrial Co-operative Association on behalf of China Industrial Cooperation Association and delivered a congratulatory speech.

On Jan. 5, 2020, Jun Lyu participated in the 2019 annual board meeting of Xiamen Alumni Association of Hefei University of Technology, and made a summary, offering suggestions for the development of the association.

On Jan. 11, 2020, the 5th meeting of the 4th council of Anxi Chamber of Commerce in Xiamen was held, and Jun Lyu was elected executive vice president.

On Jan. 14, 2020, Jun Lyu was invited to attend the 9th China Charity Festival and the Opening Forum of "new path for public welfare in the new era". He shared with the guests new ideas and new paths for public welfare development under the new era.

Public Charity

Jun Lyu supports social public welfare undertakings, such as 98 CIFIT, Boao Forum, International Marathon, Ivy League, Alumni Association, Education Expo, Lei Feng Association, local education, etc.

In 2016, super typhoon "Moranti" swept Xiamen. In response to the government's call, MSG took the initiative to participate in the rescue and relief work, went to Wuyuanwan area, the most severely affected area in Xiamen, and assisted Heshan street in the post disaster reconstruction work.

In October 2016, Yunhui Poverty Alleviation Service Center started with Lantian Village and launched targeted poverty alleviation plan. The center had visited the poor households in Lantian Village for many times, sending them charity funds, living materials and housing construction funds for long-term support.

On Jan. 10, 2017, the 1st general meeting of Xiamen Lei Feng Volunteer Association was held in Xiamen. Jun Lyu was the executive chairman of Xiamen Lei Feng Volunteer Association and actively carried out the action of "learning from Lei Feng".

In January 2018, Sun Guohang, a third-year student from Weifang City, Shandong Province, was diagnosed with malignant medulloblastoma. After learning the news, Yunhui Poverty Alleviation Service Center opened a green channel for him at the first time, expressed sympathy, donated money to raise operation costs, and regularly gave nutrition fees.

On Apr. 27, 2018, during his visit to his Alma Mater Hefei University of Technology, Jun Lyu donated 1 million yuan to set up the "Millionser Entrepreneurship Fund" to support the school's talents training for innovation and entrepreneurship.

On Aug. 4, 2018, 2018 Happy Football National Children's Five Player Football League and Xiamen Football Culture Carnival were launched. Jun Lyu, MSG CEO, was invited to attend the event to help the development of children's football in China.

In 2019, as an outstanding alumni of Hefei University of Technology, Jun Lyu tied to his Alma Mater and donated money to the History Hall and Alumni Activity Center of Hefei University of Technology.

On Feb. 8, 2019, Anxi No.7 Middle School held the 20th Anniversary of Friendship Association of 1998 Graduates. At the meeting, Jun Lyu put forward the important idea of "Promoting Learning and Teaching" and donated money to help the development of education in his Alma Mater.

On Mar. 8, 2019, as an outstanding alumnus of Hefei University of Technology, Jun Lyu devoted himself to the development of his Alma Mater and donated 5 million yuan to support the construction of the History Hall and Alumni Activity Center of Hefei University of Technology and promote the development of the University.

In April 2019, Wu Ruixia, the mother of Wu Duoduo, an  alumnus of Hefei University of Technology, was diagnosed as grade II squamous cell carcinoma. Jun Lyu, the president of Xiamen Alumni Association of Hefei University of Technology, took the lead in donating 105,000 yuan to raise operation expenses and sent a representative to express sympathy.

On Jun. 6, 2019, Jun Lyu, MSG CEO, delivered a speech at the 1st MSG Carnival and set up the "Millionser Red Fund", aiming to deliver red positive energy and help the development of public welfare. 

On Jan. 14, 2020, the 9th China Charity Festival was held in Beijing. Jun Lyu won the "Public Figure Award" of China Charity Festival, sharing with the guests new ideas and new paths of charity development in the new era.

Social Assessments

He has the tenacity of Minnan people who love to fight and dare to win, and he has his own rules and regulations to act and think. — by China National Radio

He is an entrepreneur with national and family feelings and is keen on charity and public welfare. — by Yanzhao Evening News

Jun Lyu regards enterprise management and social responsibility as development strategy to realize harmonious development of enterprise and society. — by China Daily

Jun Lyu is familiar with the law of economic development, pays close attention to the current political and economic situation, and profoundly expounds the future development strategy of the enterprise. — by Anxi Businessman Magazine

Jun Lyu regards charity as a kind of social responsibility. He has always tried his best to practice public welfare undertakings in a low-key manner, constantly led the social caring people to join the public welfare team, and actively transferred positive energy to the society. — by NetEase

In career, Jun Lyu believes that God rewards the diligent; in charity, he pursues the principle of genuine reward for goodness, always warms the society with a sincere and kind heart, and inspires others in real action. — by Dazhong Daily