Born in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, she is a singer and film actress in mainland China. In 2008, she made her debut on stage as a guest at CCTV-1 Labor Day Party "Report to Motherland". In 2011, she released her single "Moon on the Water". In 2012, she began to develop in film and television, drama, production and other fields. In 2016, she released the single "The Same"; in the same year, she was the producer and star of the film "Violent Notes". In 2017, she created and released the song "Minnan People". In 2018, she jointly launched Yunhui Poverty Alleviation Service Center with MSG. In 2019, the song "My New Era" was created and released.

Chinese Name:
Date of Birth:
Sept. 9th
Singer & Actress
Ethnic Group:
Minzu University of China

Early Experiences

INFAN had been influenced by the family art atmosphere since childhood, showing a strong interest in music. She made her debut at the age of four. When she was a student, she traveled around to study, shuttled around Nanjing, Zhangzhou, Xiamen, Shanghai, Beijing and other places, learning vocal music, performance, recitation, and body gesture from different teachers. After constant efforts and choices, she was admitted to the Conservatory of Music of The Central University of Nationalities and studied with Li Xiaofeng, a musician.

Performing Experience

In June 2007, she participated in the exchange concert jointly held by Brigham Young University and The Central University for Nationalities; in July, she participated in the opening ceremony of the Beijing Chorus Art Festival. In April 2008, she participated in the recording of CCTV-3 Labor Day special program "Challenge the Heroes" and CCTV-1 Labor Day Evening Party "Report to the Motherland".

In February 2010, she participated in the recording of the special program of lunar new year "Beijing Boys" on the youth channel of Beijing TV station. In January 2011, she participated in the concert jointly held by The One and Chitu Band; in the same month, she participated in the fashion life guidance column "Life Magician"; in September, she first participated in the recording of CCTV-3 National Day Golden Week special program "Happy Seven Days — National Day" and TV magazine entertainment program "Happy Everyday"; then, she participated in the DRAGON TV fashion program "Fashion Show"; in November, she released her first single "Moon on the Water"; in December, she participated in the special Christmas Program "Grand Fashion" on CCTV fashion channel.

In January 2012, she participated in the "Voice of Literature and Art" of China National Radio; in June, she participated in the Olympic cultural program "Beijing Beat" of the China Millennium Monument and the health program of Guangxi Satellite TV "Knowing Keep Healthy Quickly"; in July, she participated in the interview program "Celebrity Exclusive Interview" of China National Radio; in August, she was invited to participate in the "Haizhiyu" of summer performance season of Beidai river sea music hall; in September, she participated in the variety show "Animal Paradise" with the theme of animals on the youth channel of Beijing TV, and the science and technology research program "Wonderful Laboratory" of science and education channel of Beijing TV.

In May 2013, she recorded the entertainment and fashion program "International Fashion Show" of Oriental satellite TV and the entertainment and fashion program "Fashion Hotshot" of CNLive; in July, she directed Singapore nostalgic song and dance party "Shi Cheng Jiu Yun". In July 2014, she starred in the reprinted youth stage play "Different Youth".

In January 2016, she released and created the single "Share Same"; in March, her song "Share Same" was designated as the first theme song in the national urban audition of "The Voice of China"; in December, she acted as the producer of the film "Violent Notes" and played the violent female boxer Luo Nan in the play; in the same month, she acted as the executive director of the national tour of "Share Same".

In July 2017, she released the southern Fujian inspirational single "Minnan People"; in October, she was a guest of Xiamen Music Radio "Island People". In February 2018, She was invited to participate in the national finals of the second season of the national youth activity "Children Voice"; in March, she participated in the Lantern Festival party in Nanjing. In July 2019, the song "My New Era" was released and the MV was officially launched at the same time.

Social Activities

In April 2008, she sang at Changde station of "Olympic Has Me" national tour concert to cheer for the Olympic; in the same month, she participated in CCTV-3 "Humanity Force" of volunteer day public evening; in July, she sang the public music show held by Public Service Weekly, which collected public bookshelves for children in poverty-stricken areas and fulfilled children's "Reading Dream". In August 2011, she sang for the 3rd Beijing Happy Valley Music Festival and the 4th charity dinner of bright angel foundation of Red Cross Foundation.

In July 2012, she sang for public music show "Walk into National Stadium" of Beijing Times. In May 2016, she was invited to attend the cultural public concert in South Fujian and served as the image ambassador of the National Youth public welfare activity "Children Voice". In October, after Typhoon "Moranti" hit Fujian, INFAN went to the poor households in Lantian Village, Anxi County, helped them in pairs with relevant materials, paid attention to the left-behind elderly, and sent grants, toys and learning supplies to the left-behind children.

In September 2017, she was invited to participate in the launching ceremony of the 2nd season of Children Voice of national youth public welfare activities, to voice for public welfare and help love. In January 2018, she jointly launched Yunhui Poverty Alleviation Service Center with MSG; in September, she assisted in the award ceremony of Happy Football of National Children's Five Players Football League (Fujian Division).

Social Assessments

INFAN is a dedicated actress, who shows her strong learning ability and adaptability. Standing on stage, she looks like a new person, singing without affectation, very real. INFAN's singing is light, but not sad, just like the early autumn after summer, gently brushing people's hearts. She is an actress who has the courage to break through and challenge herself. When she starts her career, she shows the characteristics of being brave to fight. Every character she acted is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In addition, she also does her best to give back to the society, which is a good example in the industry. — by Luo Yingjun, Dazuo-host of Enlight Media, Sina Entertainment, Sina