Jing Huang

Graduated from Minnan Normal University, Jing Huang is the director of MSG Law Center now, with a keen sense of discrimination and teamwork and rich experience in law firm practice and well-known enterprise legal management.

Chinese Name:
Zijing Huang
Date of Birth:
Jul. 12th
Director of Law Center
Ethnic Group:
Minnan Normal University


From 2013 to 2018, she served as the legal adviser of several listed companies, won lawsuits for the company to reduce losses, cooperated with Alibaba to crack down on counterfeits and protect intellectual property rights, made due diligence on asset acquisition survey to see through commercial frauds, successfully reduced the investment risk of the enterprise, mediated multiple group affairs, and protected multiple interests.

Since 2019, she has served as the director of MSG Law Center, organically combining legal management with enterprise operation, and providing legal support for the long-term development of the group. She also establishes VanQui Law Firm under the group, providing professional, complete and efficient legal services for the group, building a perfect legal management system, and ensuring the orderly development of the group.

Present Position

Director of MSG Law Center

Director of Fujian VanQui Law Firm

Work Result

Since served as the head of the law center of the group, she has provided legal feasibility, legality and legal risk analysis for the group's business decision-making, legal team building and group compliance contract management. She leads all members of law department to assist the group in establishing and improving various rules and regulations, handle relevant legal affairs and review relevant legal documents for all functional departments of the group, participate in the prediction of major economic activities of the group, review, modify and sign various economic contracts, and propose measures and legal opinions to reduce or avoid legal risks, which ensures the group is in a good and orderly judicial environment and moves towards a new international group in the new era.

Provide Efficient Legal Support

Under the background of market economy, orderly legal management creates a good judicial environment for the long-term development of the enterprise. Under the leadership of Jing, the law department makes full use of professional knowledge, participates in the daily operation management and decision-making evaluation of the group to the maximum extent, deals with various legal problems in the production and operation process of the group, provides efficient legal support for the long-term development of the group, and promotes the group to standardize the construction, which ensures the group operation and safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of the group in accordance with the law.

Control Economic Project Risks

Adhering to the group's position and combined with the group's development status and long-term strategic planning, Jing helps the group form a routine and normative legal management system with unique MSG characteristics under professional ability and accurate prediction analysis, which provides professional legal guidance and compliance risk control for the group's capital market operation, and puts forward effective avoidance and resolution plans. It fundamentally agglomerates strong combination of understanding, following and abiding by the law to promote the healthy and efficient development of the group.

Popularize Basic Legal Knowledge

In the development process of the group, the legal training level of law department has been constantly improved. By improving the legal management system of the group, the construction of the legal management of the contract has been promoted. Jing guided the members of the department to strengthen the legal publicity work in a targeted way. The legal knowledge has been popularized to arouse the interest of the staff in the legal knowledge and comprehensively improve their basic legal knowledge and risk prevention and control awareness.

Social Activities

In 2015-2019, she participated in cross-provincial investment and M&A projects of several listed companies, coordinated the participation of local governments, banks and enterprises in cooperative M&A projects, and preserved ten million assets of enterprises.

In 2020, she actively participates in the study and discussion of legal risks during the period of the burst of COVID-19. She analyses the impact of the epidemic on the resumption from a professional perspective, assists the relevant departments to formulate reasonable and lawful prevention and control measures, minimizes the risk and ensures that the implementation and supervision of epidemic prevention and control will be more precise and effective.

Social Assessments

Jing Huang has rich practical experience, practically stands in the customer's point of view, provides the best response plan, and guarantees the customer's interests to the greatest extent. At the same time, she has a strong professional sensitivity and accurate prediction and analysis ability, which can provide effective legal consultation for the consulting unit and professional legal guidance and compliance risk control for the operation of the enterprise capital market. She also puts forward effective avoidance and resolution plan, which has truly done her due diligence, responsibility and dedication.