Grace Xu

Majoring in business administration of Renmin University of China, Grace Xu now is the director of MSG Administration Center. With many years of practical experience in human resources and administration, modern management concept and solid theoretical literacy, she is good at enterprise human resource planning and management, and has unique views on talent team construction.

Chinese Name:
Juan Xu
Date of Birth:
Sept. 21th
Director of Administration Center
Ethnic Group:
Renmin University of China


From 2010 to 2013, she started the human resource management path, became the youngest management personnel of the company, deeply understood the human resource management mode of modern enterprises, accumulated practical experience, and led the team to introduce many elite talents for the company.

Since joining MSG in 2014, she has worked together with the team to launch the talent training plan, provided exclusive employment channels for college graduates, and strove to build a new talent organization structure of the group. At the same time, she has actively practiced service for people, making unremitting efforts to achieve the goal of "people-oriented, create a better life".

Present Position

Director of Administration Center

Director of MSG Women Staff Committee

Work Results

Since she served as the director of the administrative center of the group, she has always taken the six major modules of human resources as the starting point to conduct in-depth analysis on talent selection, recruitment, training and development, personnel and compensation management, administrative management, etc. She also practiced the concept of "people-oriented", through the optimization of talent design in terms of level, quantity and structure, to achieve long-term, lasting and targeted talent reserve and cultivation so as to meet the needs of business development and support the realization of strategic objectives.

Improve the Administrative Management System

Under the leadership of Grace Xu, the administration center actively promotes the establishment of various rules and regulations of the group. On the basis of improving the administrative management, the administration center strengthens the management, coordinates and clarifies the office procedures, improves the office efficiency, and forms a working situation in which there are procedures, standards, people in charge of everything, and everyone has a special responsibility. At the same time, it ensures the smooth development of the work of the group and helps the group to be standardized, programmed and institutionalized.

Help Group Talent Training

Focusing on the development needs of the group, she takes the staff inventory and prediction, development planning and talent training as the core to carry out the overall planning of the group's human resources. Through the active introduction of talents, appropriate internal allocation, maximum play to the talents of existing staff, she strengthens the reserve, training and professional ability improvement of professional talents, accelerates the construction of core talent team, improves the talent training system, and enables the sustainable development and core competitiveness of the group.

Build MSG Happy Home

Always unswervingly plays the role of "big parent" in the MSG family, she adheres to the concept of "people-oriented", puts the staff in the first place, solves problems and delivers warmth for all staff with concentration, care and intimacy, relies on professional and rigorous working attitude, provides timely and accurate logistics services, and strives to create a comfortable and warm office atmosphere, so that the group can feel happiness and sense of belonging.

Social Activities

In 2016, she organized all staff to establish Moranti post-disaster community reconstruction working group to support community rescue and post-disaster reconstruction.

n 2017, she led the group to participate in the election so that the group was awarded the title of "The 18th District-level Civilized Unit" in Huli District, Xiamen City.

From 2017 to 2018, she actively participated in the community human resources work symposium, and made suggestions on jointly improving the service quality of community talents, broadening recruitment channels and exploring the best cooperation mode.

In 2018, she led members of the group to participate in the mascot design in Huli District, Xiamen City, which won the "Most Popular Online Award", and the "Golden Idea Award" for herself.

In 2018, she organized the group to participate in the annual activity of Xiamen Federation of Trade Union "Achieve the standard and create a star staff home", and was awarded the title of "Four star staff home" in Xiamen, laying a solid foundation and promoting the standardized construction of the group's trade union.

In 2018, she led the group to be awarded the "worker pioneer" of Xiamen Federation of Trade Union, giving full play to the exemplary and pioneering role of Party members and cadres.

From 2019 to 2020, she has organized the members of the group to participate in the construction of "Youth Home" for many times in Huli District, Xiamen City, and further promoted relevant activities.

In 2019, with outstanding achievements in work construction and excellent services, she was rated as "excellent worker" by Heshan street, Xiamen.

In 2020, she promotes the healthy development of the group's trade union, creates new achievements, and helps the group win the title of "five star staff home" in Xiamen.

Social Assessments

Many years of human resource planning and management experience have brought up the rational and peaceful mind of Grace Xu. She is an optimistic and wise manager, and also an outstanding and keen talent hunter. She is good at transforming thinking, changing ways, practicing the work thinking mode dominated by business needs, and focusing on the elite system and administrative management. In terms of work, she has simplified the complicated recruitment process, turned it to be pertinence, comprehensiveness and simplicity and made the human administration become the driving force of enterprise development.