Zhihua Hong

Graduated from Academy of Art of Jiangxi Science & Technology Normal University, Zhihua Hong, a senior designer, is now the director of Design Center. He focuses on brand design and creative strategy with solid professional knowledge and rich creative experience. Being expert in the perfect integration of works and innovative ideas, he forms his own unique design style.

Chinese Name:
Zhihua Hong
Date of Birth:
Mar. 14th
Director of Design Center
Ethnic Group:
Academy of Art, Jiangxi Science & Technology Normal University


From 2003 to 2014, he had engaged in design work for many years. With accurate understanding of brand positioning and market demand of different projects, he uses creative strategic thinking to integrate personalized art with commercial demand and accumulates design experience in continuous creation, giving new vitality to each visual image.

Since joining MSG in 2014, he has been constantly improving himself with inclusive and prudent working attitude and innovative working style. Committed to exporting visual image works that conform to the group's cultural connotation and spiritual concept, he revives the innovative development of the brand via design, and adds luster to the group's overall image.

Present Position

Director of Design Center

Work Results

Since acting as the director of Design Center, he has always promoted the spread of brand influence with high-quality creative strategies and brand visual design. By continuously tapping the value essence and cultural connotation of the group and improving the visual design specifications, he led all members of the Design Center to build and strengthen the users' brand awareness and emotional identity, create the brand visual image with MSG characteristics, and further convey the positive spiritual concept, so as to promote the in-depth development of the group's brand.

Create Brand Visual Image

Good visual brand image is an important means to continue the vitality of the brand. Zhihua Hong led the design team to create a popular brand image for the group and its projects. In the process of creation, he uses professional and efficient design literacy to combining individual aesthetics, group culture and brand positioning, so as to accurately convey MSG spirit and concept. Moreover, he injects strong vitality into the group’s brand by changing and upgrading in the image building.

Deep Interpretation of Brand Connotation

With many years of brand design experience, he accurately grasps the value essence and cultural connotation conveyed by the group and various projects, transforms intangible value into tangible brand vision through unique and diversified art design language, penetrates the group's cultural gene into image design in an extremely innovative way, deeply interprets the group's cultural connotation, and further enhances brand influence, to build a broader display platform for the brand.

Strive to Build an Innovation Team

He pays high attention to the innovative and professional development of the design team, and focuses on the cultivation of the designer's design innovation consciousness. By drawing the essence of art and culture, and focusing on the latest lifestyle and social ideological trend, he constantly opens up the unknown area of visual design, improves the team members' thinking innovation and creativity, and presents the unique vision in line with MSG characteristics in interactive and interesting methods, so as to add vitality to the overall development of the group.

Social Activities

In 2010, he participated in China Qingdao International Design Festival to exchange and interact with outstanding designers at home and abroad, and absorbed excellent artistic creation concepts.

In 2014, he participated in the Public Advertising Design Activity of "Stressing Civilization and Building New Style" in Xiamen and won the second prize.

In 2015, he led the team to complete the overall image design of Xiamen International Electronic Music Festival, which was highly praised by the public.

In 2017, he attended the press conference of "Sea Love on the Silk Road", paid attention to the struggle culture of Minnan people, and enhanced the aesthetic quality of art.

In 2019, he led the team to participate in Art Base in Hong Kong, feeling the power of art and deepening the team's artistic understanding.

In 2019, he participated in the 2nd Shanghai International Cultural Creative Design Industry Expo, appreciated creative products, and further improved his professional capabilities.

Social Assessments

Zhihua Hong is an outstanding designer with feelings, and innovative and pragmatic ability. He firmly believes that "all designs are based on people", actively explores visual personalization and diversified expression of brand image in creation, and injects strong vitality into brand development. In terms of team management, he advocates team members to open up ideas, think about change, seek innovation, interpret brand attitude with design, and promote the brand visual output with a pragmatic, rigorous, efficient and innovative work style.