Climbing Endlessly Achieved Excellent Results

During Jun. 8-10 , 2018, the Taiwanese Tree Climbing Championship was grandly held in the Cixiu Park of Xinbei City, Taiwan. It was a feast of exchanges of various techniques to gather the masters of tree climbing from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore and Taiwan.

It was reported that the competition consisted of six major events: Throw Line, Speed Climb, Work Climb, Ascent Climb, Aerial Rescue and Master Competition. It mainly examined the climbing level and ability of the competitors from the aspects of climbing safety, speed, skills and equipment operation.

After two days of fierce competition, Yu Yanling, the representative of Climbing Sports Co., Ltd. and the first ISA International Certified female climber in mainland China, won many awards by virtue of her skilled climbing ability, including the champion of the single event "Throw line", the runner-up of "Speed Climb", the second runner-up of "Work Climb" and "Ascent Climb", and the championship in the final of Master Challenge.

Taiwan Tree Climbing Tournament was an authoritative tree-climbing event in China. It was a professional and cultural sports event with a large scale and attracted the attention of tree-climbing enthusiasts from both sides of the Taiwan Strait. With the popularity of Tree Climbing, there were also tree climbing competitions in mainland China, among which, the grand holding of the first international top tree climbing event in mainland China, China Tree Climbing Championship 2017 & Xiamen International Invitational Tournament, executed by Tree Climbing Sports Co., Ltd., aroused strong repercussions in the tree climbing industry.

Tree Climbing not only had the experience of international tree climbing events, but also had a strong teaching force. The team included the initiator of the Chinese mainland tree climbing, the internationally certified climbers, the champion of the Chinese Tree Climbing Championship and other industry leaders, which had injected strong vitality into Tree Climbing Sports.

In addition, Tree Climbing had also established a scientific and standard training system for Tree Climbing education, and set up a national training course for climbing. It was a professional, standard and scientific tree climbing teaching in China, which represented the training level of Tree Climbing in China and trained a large number of excellent tree climbing technicians for all parts of the country.

Galloping among the woods, climbing endlessly. Tree Climbing  will be in line with the world's level of tree climbing, dedicated to building a global knowledge exchange platform for tree climbing, vigorously promote tree climbing sport, improve the national level of tree climbing technology and safety, better serve forest workers, and publicize knowledge and methods of tree protection. At the same time, it will let the enthusiasts all over the country learn professional climbing skills, and feel the infinite pleasure of tree climbing.