JUN LYU, MSG CEO, was elected as President of Xiamen Alumni Association of Hefei University of Technology

On Sept. 15

The general election of Xiamen Alumni Association of Hefei University of Technology and the Mid-Autumn Festival banquet were grandly held at Victoria Hotel in Xiamen. Nearly 300 alumni jointly attended the conference to deepen friendship and enhance understanding, thus expanding the influence of Xiamen Alumni Association.

The guests included Yan Ping, the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Hefei University of Technology, the chief accountant, the vice-president and secretary-general of the Alumni Association, Zhang Xiaoying, the vice-president of the Alumni Association, JUN LYU, MSG CEO, and representatives of brotherly alumni associations such as Beijing, Sichuan and Fuzhou. In addition, alumni associations from Tianjin, Guizhou and Zhejiang sent congratulation letters and messages, and many alumni and brand merchants sponsored this activity friendly.

At the beginning, Zhang Xiaoying, on behalf of the Alumni Association, read out the "Approval to the Replacement of Xiamen Alumni Association of Hefei University of Technology". Gao Dongwei gave a report on the work of the previous session of the Alumni Association Council and introduced the preparations for the second session of the Alumni Association Council. After the election, the Second Council of Xiamen Alumni Association of Hefei University of Technology was formed, and JUN LYU was elected president of the Alumni Association. In the warm applause, the new president, JUN LYU, took over the flag of the Alumni Association from the previous president Lin Guozhang.

Later, President JUN LYU delivered a brilliant speech: "Alumni Association is the link and bridge between alumni and their Alma Mater, as well as an important platform for information exchange, resource sharing and emotional contact among alumni. As president, I will follow the motto of my Alma Mater, which is honesty, duty, respect and innovation. I will earnestly implement the statute of the Alumni Association and lead the organization to develop and strengthen the Xiamen Alumni Association of Hefei University of Technology. "

At the same time, he also elaborated the development direction of Xiamen Alumni Association in the future, and made it clear that by improving the management system of Xiamen Alumni Association, and enhancing the initiative of functional alumni, to build a vibrant "Alumni House"; by integrating multi-quality resources, and actively guiding the internal resources of alumni to exchange reciprocity and share business opportunities so as to achieve win-win situation; We will establish regular liaison and communication mechanism with Ivy League, analyze our own bright spots, draw lessons from successful experience, comprehensively enhance our reputation and influence, give back to the society, help the development of public welfare undertakings, and transmit positive energy in order to establish a good social image. Strong and powerful words, full of real stuff, received a warm response from the whole audience!

Following that, the welcome meeting of Xiamen Alumni Association of Heifei University of Technology was held, and it welcomed a new group of vigorous alumni. It was worth mentioning that the Mid-Autumn Festival banquet was held on the evening of the event, and everyone toasted to connect the friendship and wish the Alumni Association a better tomorrow.

New face, new image, and new sailing. The successful holding of the general election of Xiamen Alumni Association had laid a solid foundation for the Alumni Association to further serve and liaise with its alumni. Alumni will work hand in hand to look forward to the future and contribute to the prosperity and development of the cause of alumni.