The Mid-Autumn Festival People-oriented, MSG Carried out a Series of Activities

On Sept. 20, a series of activities of celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival were held at the group headquarters. All the staff gathered together to share the festival feast.

"People-oriented" is an important concept that MSG upholds and implements. In the process of continuous exploration and development, it gradually forms a enterprise culture with characteristics of MSG. On this Mid-Autumn Festival, MSG thanked all staff for their hard work. In order to comprehensively enhance staff happiness, it carried out series of wonderful activities such as business model seminars, fun team building and Mid-Autumn Gambling dinner.

Business seminars seek common development. At the seminar on the business model of MSG, JUN LYU, MSG CEO, first made a critical analysis of the current business market environment, and then made an in-depth analysis of the development of the enterprise based on the idea of "Good Timing, Geographical Convenience and Human Relations"

Members of the strategic group and project managers discussed the topics related to the development of the group intensely. They fully realized that the group was in the period of fermentation of diversified development. All industries should base themselves on the concept of the industry, closely link the projects, make use of the role of the industrial chain and the mode of mutual drainage, and realize the linkage development of all industries, so as to accelerate the process of diversification industry.

Team building needs unity and cohesion. The important manifestation of the "people-oriented" idea of the group is to focus on improving the sense of belonging of the staff and further building a high-quality talent team striving for excellence. MSG had arranged innovative team-building activities, such as "crossing the adventure island" with tacit cooperation of team members, "breaking the Five Elements" to test the team's cooperation, and "Happy Orientation Competition" with stimulating blindfolded board.

Stuff enthusiastically participated in the event, reaping joy, and held positive energy slogans with the image of VANVAN to take pictures after the event, showing a good team spirit. Interesting, teamwork and interactive links not only promoted the understanding among the various departments of the group, but also cultivated the team spirit of all staff, enhancing team cohesiveness.

Mid-Autumn Festival carried out Moon Cake Gambling activity. MSG cared for the staff, made great efforts to let them feel the strong Festival atmosphere, and carefully prepared the Moon Cake Gambling. This year's prize covered the group's special products, which were abundant and varied. The dice bowl and laughter interwove with each other. The top performers of this year's prize had fallen into different stuff and pushed the activities to a climax.

This was not only a lively and extraordinary game celebration, but also a cultural heritage of striving and aspiring, reflecting the group's humanistic concern for staff. After the end of the game, everyone enjoyed a delicious meal and "VANVAN Moon Cakes", which were pleasant and harmonious.

Moon carries the homesick, Millionser stuff gathered frequently. The unique Mid-Autumn Festival activities of MSG showed the idea of "people-oriented" everywhere. Everyone had a good time to eat, drink and have fun, jointly creating a happy home for MSG stuff.