"MSG Real Stuff Festival" to Accelerate Industrial Linkage Development

Real stuff gathered and shared, so that resources exchanged to create win-win situation.

"MSG Real Stuff Festival" to Accelerate Industrial Linkage Development

On Dec. 16, the first MSG Real Stuff Festival opened at MSG headquarters. With the guiding ideology of "opening, sharing and win-win", it created a new platform for exchange and sharing, effectively promoted information exchange and resource sharing among the various industries of the Group, and accelerated the process of diversification, internationalization and industrialization.

Stride into diversified industries, full of real stuff.

Under the new normal situation of China's economy, market competition is becoming more and more fierce, industries are becoming more diversified and business processes are becoming more and more complex. It requires enterprises to strengthen the exchange and sharing of valuable information, achieve efficient resource allocation and cooperation among industries, and realize information value-added.

In the development of over ten years, MSG has formed a diversified industrial group with culture tourism, education and health as its core. With the commercial logic of Millionser characteristics, MSG has always been at the forefront of the development of the times and become a brilliant blueprint for business operation in the new era. JUN LYU, MSG CEO, pointed out that "Real stuff are the most valuable, representative knowledge and information accumulated in the practice of various projects. MSG Real Stuff Festival is the product of the development and innovation of the group, and also a new form of promoting sustainable development among industries."

Enterprise Innovation and People-oriented

Innovation is the soul of an enterprise's survival and development. Under the changing environment of internal and external competition, adjusting enterprise strategy according to market development, keeping ahead of thinking and daring to innovate are important driving forces for sustainable development of an enterprise.

Adhering to the core value of "people-oriented" and emphasizing the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship are the key to the success of the rapid development of MSG. This "MSG Real Stuff Festival" was a new carrier on the innovation road of the group. The three core elements of "improvisation", "interest" and "interaction" ran through it all the time. There is no limit to the way of real stuff sharing. Sharers could innovate and adopt the form of sharing according to their own conditions, to maximize their advantages and fruitful results. Through the scoring mode of double evaluation, with one year as a cycle, it will select the "Best Real Stuff Award", "Best Stage Manners Award", "Most Creative Award", "Most Popular Award" and other awards at the next annual meeting. It is a powerful booster for the innovation and development of MSG.

Following the New Era, Pioneer Education First

Under the background of economic globalization, China will meet opportunities and challenges in a more open and interdependent international market. Enterprises need to actively follow the trend of economic globalization and constantly create a more comprehensive, in-depth and diversified internationalization pattern.

Comform to the times and focus on international development. MSG has always armed itself with the MSG international concept, following the "one belt and one road" key layout development. The major industries of it are striding towards the global market, among which, internationalization of education is an important part of the international layout. At the real stuff sharing meeting, Ye Yijie, the head of Millionser Kindergarten, shared what she heard and felt at the American Preschool Education Exposition. Through sharing and learning the latest research and development achievements and new trends of global preschool education, she helped Millionser Education achieve deeper international integration. Experiential teaching advocates the international advanced teaching methods. Hua Bin, coach of Millionser Camp, shared real stuff. He started with a unique experiential teaching and brought you a profound understanding of the charm of experiential teaching.

Use Art to Perfect Quality Personality

Art education can improve students' creativity and mental growth in different stages of education. It plays an important role in promoting students' moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic education. It is also an indispensable part of quality education.

Millionser education takes art education as its basic foothold, injects high-quality "art gene" into the educational industry chain, and gradually improves the educational system of happy education, quality education and outdoor exploration by integrating the allocation of educational resources at home and abroad, so as to meet the educational needs of people in different periods of their lives. At the real stuff sharing meeting, students and teachers from Millionser education joined in the cheerleading performance of "push push", which was full of movement and showed the positive spirit of kindergarten. At the same time, "My Sun" piano singing, "Wo Shi Shan Li Xiao Ge Shou" children's solo, percussion "Dou Niu Shi" and exquisite painting exhibition were performed brilliantly, which demonstrated the excellent achievements of the all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique and beauty in Millionser education.

This "MSG Real Stuff Festival" was full of content, interesting in form and remarkable in effect. It was of great value to promote the exchange and sharing of learning among different departments of the group units and to accelerate the development of inter-industry linkage. It is worth mentioning that "MSG Real Stuff Festival" will be held regularly on the 16th of each month, let's look forward to more exciting sharing!