2018 MSG Annual Meeting Ended Warmly

On Jan. 16th, 2019, the great event of 2018 MSG Annual Meeting was grandly held. All staff from the headquarter, representatives of branches and subsidiaries from all over the country, and friendly people from society gathered together to talk about friendship, seek development and create more wins. It is a rare and innovative annual event in China.

This grand ceremony centered on the theme of "people-oriented, creating a better life", with red culture as the keynote, adding the elements of Chinese plum, and had new links such as "finding friends", signing in by plum insertion , wearing small red scarf, etc. In the construction of the venue, it had achieved original ideas, and organically integrated VANVAN Paradise and Time Corridor. Among them, the magnificent Time Corridor reappeared the glorious history of MSG.

"People is the fundamental driving force of social development. If an enterprise wants to operate continuously, it must put people in the first place." JUN LYU, MSG CEO, said about the importance of people. At the same time, he emphasized: "In 2018, MSG focused on the synchronous development of people and enterprise, paying attention on building a new business pattern of 'people-oriented', integrating cultural tourism, education, and health industry resources, and achieving the expansion and upgrading of the industrial layout. According to the business life code revealed by Business Calendar, MSG has successfully crossed a big development cycle of 'Open','Expansion','Improvement','Firmness', and entered a 'Open the Improvement-Good Timing Year' with both opportunities and challenges in 2019. This is not only the beginning of a new cycle, but also a sign that MSG is taking a steady step towards the glory."

At the beginning of the dinner, under the leadership of the mascot "VANVAN", the whole guests reviewed the group's public welfare footprint in the past year, and the great love of selfless devotion warmed them. MSG did not forget the original intention of "benefiting all people", while practicing the great love of social public welfare, and strove to let the people around feel the power of love, which in itself was the implementation of the "people-oriented" concept, and also the unspoken and firm goal of all staff.

In a lively and warm atmosphere, the annual awards for outstanding staff went on as scheduled. Through the democratic voting of all members, excellent staff members had won the "Excellent Contribution Award", "Best Contribution Award" and "Three Views and Four Haves Awards" respectively with their positive working attitude and the spirit of main staff. The grand award ceremony demonstrated the unique culture of MSG pursuing excellence, pioneering and enterprising, as well as Millioner elegant demeanor with passion, vitality, culture and innovation.

The performance of literature and art, which integrated technology, innovation and dancing beauty, was another highlight of the event. Elegant singing and dancing performances, power display of ice and fire blending, fantastic magic, graceful silk road dancing, and amazing lucky draw came one after another, the climax of which was endless. The scene was sound and happy, showing a harmonious atmosphere.

In addition, it also set up a large-scale outdoor activity "Millionser Tianguan", which covered a lot of games. Staff enthusiastically participated by group, greatly enhancing their sense of happiness, participation and harvest.

2018 Annual Meeting ended warmly with praise and good wishes. The guests left orderly with exquisite accompaniment and good wishes, demonstrating the innovative spirit and strong energy of pioneering with MSG characteristics. In the future, MSG will continue to adhere to the concept of "people-oriented" and move forward with determination to create a better life!