Time Corridor: Defeat Wind and Wave in the Business New Age

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, with the emergence of new situations, such as gradually opening up the country, strong foreign investment injection, mature construction of the first, second and third industries, industry, trade and service industries were flourishing, and the commercialization system was improving day by day. Chinese people had taken this golden opportunity to embark on the road of innovation and entrepreneurship one after another. For a moment, the whole environment was full of scenery and excitement that had never been seen before.

JUN LYU, MSG CEO, was one of the earliest "The Awakened" of this business revolution. In the end of the last century, when the Internet was still in its infancy, JUN LYU, with his insight into the world and keen foresight, ventured into the emerging Internet field and became a minority of people who dared to "eat crabs". He took the lead in opening up a journey of innovation and entrepreneurship, singing aloud and sailing against the wind and waves.

Nowadays, driven by the leader's gene, MSG has grown up with the country and the times. It has developed rapidly into a new type of international diversified industrial group under the background of the new era. Through the corridor of time to return to the origin, it is not difficult to find that in years of hard work, innovation and entrepreneurship has always been the main theme leading us forward. After several stages of iteration and upgrading, this innovation and entrepreneurship system, which runs through the operation of enterprises, has formed an efficient and sustainable business mode with "people" as the core driving force, diversification and platform as the solid support, to escort the group in every wave of the times such as the globalization, interconnection of all things, e-commerce, big data and so on. 

In the course of over ten years' development, people's attention and emphasis have always been regarded as the core driving force of innovation and entrepreneurship mode. Faced with the uncertain market environment, MSG will take the driving force of development from people, and also use the fruits of development for people. Not only will "people-oriented, create a better life" be the purpose of starting a business all the way forward, but behind the rapid development process, it is also carrying out the good vision of "benefiting all people". MSG will always diligently practice public welfare undertakings, so that great love can be transmitted and flowed among the public, adding bricks and tiles to the formation of a thanksgiving society of truth, goodness and beauty.

The important part of innovation and entrepreneurship mode is to implement industrial diversification. In the long-term attempt, MSG has always insisted on continuous innovation, entrepreneurship, multi-tentacle aquatic industry projects to explore greater industrial potential, and through the integration of high-quality resources among industries, reactivated capacity strength to form a strong "fist" for the commercial field. In the flood of the times, MSG who has washed away for many years and always adhered to the guiding ideology of "open, sharing and win-win", now has formed a diversified industrial structure with Red Cultural Tourism, Small Education, Big Health, Investment and Financing, and New Energy as the core, and built a stable global industrial fleet.

The essence of MSG business mode is to create diversified platforms while diversification so as to connect innovative and entrepreneurial projects more broadly. Behind every industrial project, there are correspondingly platforms with infinite potential hidden in MSG. By building a platform, MSG attracts the strength of all parties to join in, and encourages staff to become partners in various industrial projects in the form of self-recommendation, so that everyone has the opportunity to play their own advantages to become top entrepreneurs. Therefore, it will achieve joint development, create greater value of commercial effectiveness, form the complete closed-loop of building, linking, creating and reorganization, and constantly colliding with new sparks in the expansion of in-depth cooperation with various fields.

As time flies, MSG has moved from the "Open the 'Improvement-Good Timing' Year" of Business Calendar to a new round of "Enter the 'Improvement-Good Timing' Year". People-oriented, and innovative and entrepreneurial mode with diversification and platform as important dependence, still glow their unique vitality in the new era, supporting us sailing forward in the "commercial navigation", and playing the song of triumph again!

Time Corridor

In 2003, we established Endian civil servants forum to open the road of campus entrepreneurship.

In 2006, we set up Netizen Information and stepped into Internet industry.

In 2007, we planned the case "The Yanghe River Blue Classic" for Olympic Games to accumulate brand strategy experience.

In 2008, we entered the field of e-commerce and shaped Internet brand.

In 2009, stereoscopic operation of brand SK organic tea worked.

In 2010, we became the franchised manufacturer of Shanghai World Expo

In 2011, SK Group was established to enter the agricultural industry in an all-round way.

In 2012, we became the Alibaba's top 100 Internet merchants, adopted to the Yearbook of the People's Republic of China.

In 2013, we stepped into the department stores, environmental protection and car fields, achieving OAO double stores synchronized operation.

In 2014, we set up the Party Branch of MSG and our CEO JUN LYU won the 7th National Golden Bridge Award for Advanced Individuals.


In 2015, we changed the name as Millionser Group (MSG), and led the team into the 8th batch of "double-hundred talents".

In 2016, we entered the fields of culture, education, real estate and investment, to establish the complete layout of diversified industries.

In 2017, we compiled Business Calendar, extensively carrying out Social and livelihood undertakings.

In 2018, we joined hands with the Alibaba to set up the Millionville Fund, expanding industrial development fund.

In 2019, we upgraded MSG Party Community and deepened the red cultural tourism and new technology.