Taho Rehab Pilots

Rehabilitation is the rebuilding of life and the most urgent need of patients. Rehabilitation medicine, as an indispensable part of modern medicine, plays an important role in the rehabilitation of patients, both physically and psychologically. 

In 2017, the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Construction and Development of Medical Consortium" publicized by General Office of the State Council clearly pointed out that nurses and professional rehabilitation institutions should be encouraged to join the Medical Consortium to provide integrated and convenient continuity services of disease diagnosis and treatment, rehabilitation and long-term care for patients, and the rehabilitation industry had ushered in unprecedented development.

Taho Rehab, as one of the key projects of the Group's large health sector, is an international rehabilitation hospital that introduces Singapore's rehabilitation concept and medical management model, aiming to become a "healthy ferry person" for patients.

On April 19-21, the "China Rehabilitation Forum (2019•Beijing)" co-organized by China Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, China Rehabilitation Medical Institutions Alliance and Beijing Rehabilitation Hospital was solemnly opened. Lv Jinsong, Chairman of Taho Rehabilitation, He Honggu, Honorary Dean of Taho Rehab, attended the event, focusing on Rehabilitation topic with experts from home and abroad, and jointly promoting the vigorous development of rehabilitation medicine in China.

At this grand meeting of Chinese rehabilitation institutions, Taho Rehab actively spoke. He Honggu, Honorary Dean of Taho Rehab Hospital, delivered a speech on the topic of "Prospect of Rehabilitation Nursing". In view of the differences in clinic, education and scientific research of rehabilitation nursing at home and abroad, she put forward the future development direction of rehabilitation nursing mode with the help of the integration and innovation of Internet technology.

Lv Jinsong, chairman of Taho Rehab, shared how to innovate the community rehabilitation mode through his speech "Community Rehabilitation - the Last Kilometer of Rehabilitation Medical Treatment". His powerful speech demonstrated the academic strength and innovative ideas of Taho Rehab, and won the affirmation of colleagues.

As a standardized tertiary rehabilitation hospital in China, the emergence of Taho Rehab had effectively filled the gap in the rehabilitation medicine market in Fujian Province. It devoted to building a rehabilitation hospital with "warm, profession, reputation", dedicating to providing satisfactory services for every patient.

Comfortable and High-end Rehabilitation Environment

Taho Rehab Hospital covers an area of about 13,000 square meters. It has convenient transportation and provides one-stop service from treatment to health to maintenance. In line with the scientific, efficient and accurate principle, it has auxiliary departments such as imaging, inspection, electrocardiogram, large hyperbaric oxygen chamber and other treatment equipment.

Additionally, the hospital took the lead in introducing the "rehabilitation black technology" - wearable exoskeleton "Buffalo Robot", which can realize the relearning function of the central nervous system. It is a reliable place for patients to recover after surgery, constantly exploring the guidance of science and technology.

Innovative and Diverse Rehabilitation Projects

In order to develop diversified innovative rehabilitation projects, Taho Rehab set up clinical departments such as Neurological Rehabilitation, Bone and Joint Rehabilitation and Geriatric Rehabilitation. It was characterized by severe rehabilitation and focused on accepting severe and post-operative patients requiring rehabilitation treatment from 3A hospitals.

In the future, Taho Rehab will continue to improve and innovate more rehabilitation projects and modes, setting up specialized departments for children rehabilitation, post-partum pelvic floor rehabilitation, pain rehabilitation and so on, so as to effectively achieve targeted rehabilitation treatment, and provide more possibilities for the rehabilitation of different types of patients.

Professional and Leading Doctor Team

Taho Rehab joined hands with the renowned clinical experts of  3A Hospitals, the medical professor team of Singapore National University and Taiwan excellent therapists to form a leading and professional rehabilitation treatment and management team, which had established good cooperative relations with Fujian Medical University and Xiamen Medical College, and established a stable training and platform of rehabilitation talents to effectively escort the patients' recovery journey.

Doctors' Benevolence and Public Welfare

Carry forward the traditional virtues and put them into public welfare action. Taho Rehab, through holding special lectures, entered into "Stars' Children" and appealed to parents to care for the physical and mental development of special children. Its spontaneous establishment of Taho Public Welfare Energy Team, carried out free clinics in remote mountain villages, and community rehabilitation lectures to provide community residents with accurate disease diagnosis and treatment and health guidance, knowledge of prevention and treatment of common diseases, regular home-based rehabilitation voluntary clinics, and free rehabilitation assistance for families in need, etc. With great love, they interpreted responsibilities and obligations through practical actions.

Good virtue and professional knowledge, the doctors' benevolence. Taho Rehab will continue to innovate and improve the ability of rehabilitation medical services, accelerating the integration process of production, learning and research of rehabilitation industry, building competitive service brand institutions, and contributing to the development of China's rehabilitation medical cause.