2019 Millionser Tourism Visa Exchange Meeting

On May 10, Millionser Tourism Visa Exchange Meeting "Tourism industry is unbounded, upward hand in hand" was held at MSG headquarter. Nearly 100 people, including representatives of travel agencies and elites of tourism industry, gathered together to discuss the development of tourism industry with the opportunity of sharing real stuff of visas, which provided advantages for promoting exchanges, cooperation and integration among industries. 

At the beginning of the event, Chen Qiliang, the person in charge of Millionser Tourism, briefly introduced the general situation of Millionser Tourism, emphasizing that it is a professional and comprehensive service platform based on excellent and all-round services.

He mentioned: "As one of the key projects of MSG, Millionser Tourism relies on the perfect cultural tourism system of MSG, actively carries out the connection among tourism and major industries of the Group, and strives to create 'tourism + model'. "

At the same time, he introduced in detail the specific integration forms of Millionser Tourism and Millionser Sailing, Millionser Discover, Adventure Education, Climbing Together, Happy Show, VAN COFFEE and other industries.

Millionser Tourism integrated MSG industrial resources into the tourism field, and created research, outdoor, red and other tourism with Millionser characteristics, so as to enhance co-prosperity among industries.

Subsequently, as one of the important links of this activity, the real stuff sharing of visas had continued to be excellent and highly praised.

The speaker, Liu Wenjuan, combining with her eight years of experience, shared visa skills in the form of speeches and interactive Q & A from three aspects: visa knowledge analysis of various countries, case analysis of complicated countries and front-end sales skills.

The whole process was full of real stuff. It not only enhanced exchanges among professionals through the visa meeting, but also broke industry boundaries, which provided a new opportunity for win-win cooperation among the industry.

In addition, in the process of the activity, there were also dance and magic show, delicate refreshment of VAN COFFEE and lucky draw, which pushed the exchange meeting to a new climax. The participants personally experienced the powerful resource strength of Millionser Tourism, and at the same time added a lot of interest to the meeting.The stunning stage performance, delicate refreshment and gifts with Millionser characteristics were all the powerful practices of Millionser Tourism in the mode "tourism plus", effectively realizing the flow exchange between Millionser Tourism and group resources, and creating a good situation of sharing and win-win.



Lucky Draw

As the first voice of Millionser Tourism in the industry, the Visa Exchange Meeting was widely praised. With professional knowledge sharing and high-quality service attitude, Millionser Tourism conveyed a friendly, professional and high-end brand image to everyone. Meanwhile, it also built a bridge for further cooperation among peers and related industries of the group.

Travel is unbounded, upward hand in hand. In the future, MSG will continue to rely on the industrial strength of the group, integrating resources from all sides to promote coordinated development among industries, and building a sound and eco-industrial chain of tourism.