Singing Across the Straits, the 3rd Music Festival of Children Voice Ended Successfully

On Jun. 1st, 2019, the 3rd Children Voice ended successfully in Xiamen People's Theatre. The event was organized by Taipei Fujian-Taiwan Cultural Promotion Association and Millionser Group, co-sponsored by Xiamen Music Broadcasting and Gaoxiong Chenggong Broadcasting Station, and executed by VANVAN Media. It aimed to unite strong music platforms across the Taiwan Strait, realized complementary advantages of cross-strait music and resources sharing, and also provided a stage of displaying talent and music communication for children. 

The jury of this event has strong lineup. Fu Wei, director of Xiamen Music Broadcasting/chairman of the Jury of Children Voice, Chen Jianping, famous music producer in Taiwan, Huang Xiuqing senior music producer in Taiwan, Zhu Zhen, associate professor of Music Department of Xiamen University Tan Kah Kee College, and Huang Yingying, the Gold Award winner of Vocal Music in the 10th Youth Actors Competition of Fujian Province were invited, to give professional comments to the young players, so as to ensure the professionalism, authority and impartiality of the competition.

At the same time, enterprises such as VAN Water, VAN Tea, Hexiangxi new ecological agriculture, Deng Te Kou Qiang, WA HA HA, Yubaotang line carving also gave strong support to the competition and promoted the successful development of the competition.

This competition adopted a new competition system, in the form of "online works selection + off-line audition", to find children with "good voice" from both sides of the Straits to enter the music festival, and finally paired up with music instructors for PK. The intense competition rules not only fully assessed the strength of the students, but also brought a splendid audiovisual feast to the audience.

Through a series of rich and rigorous online and offline two-way selection, such as online selection, audition selection, online revival competition, and ultimate training camp, nine players stood out and successfully reached the finals. They were led by three tutors and divided into three teams for five rounds of PK, competing for the championship, second and third runners-up.

On the final, songs such as "Da Yu" with deep feelings and "Dong Tian Li De Yi Ba Huo" with gratitude set off small climaxes one after another, and the excellent performances of the players won applause from the audience.

Popular competition, 1V1 PK, designated song singing... Five rounds of fierce competition were staged in turn. In the end, Wu Xintong joined the friendly feelings of both sides of the Taiwan Strait with his original song "Hai Zhe Bian, Hai Na Bian", promoted cultural exchanges between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, and won the unanimous approval of the judges by virtue of excellent singing skills, timbre and stage performance, so that he won the championship. Yang Zhihao won the runner-up in singing "Zai Chu Fa", while Chen Yihang won the second runner-up in singing "Wo De Tai Yang".

In recent years, with the emphasis of the state on strengthening the civilized education of teenagers, the competitions with children's talent and art showing as the core content emerge in endlessly, which greatly meet the needs of teenagers' self-display. Children Voice is the national cultural public welfare brand competition IP created by MSG. Since the start of the competition, it has aroused widespread concern and active participation of the society, with the perfect and innovative competition system, professional evaluation and experienced operation team.

It always adheres to the concept of public welfare, takes "conveying civilization by voice" as the purpose of the competition, regards the cultivation of children's artistic accomplishment and the transmission of social core values as the basis of the competition, and cultivates a large number of outstanding children, to build a stage for children with music dreams to show their talents and to let themselves fly. Through its own influence in the competition, it also helps many poor children who love music and study to realize their dreams by organizing charity sales and donations to rally public welfare forces.

Sing across the Straits and pass on civilization. Children Voice will give full play to the genetic characteristics of MSG "art +", constantly integrating resources to build a stage, which takes music as the carrier to inherit culture and use music power to promote public welfare action, so as to promote the popularization and development of children's art education in China.