Enterprise Gene Endowed with Development, Bursting out Cultural Charm

Enterprise culture, as an indispensable growth gene and a magic weapon of sustainable management in the life of enterprises, can form core competitiveness at home, establish a good brand image at abroad, and play an important role in gathering strength and empowering development. How to inherit high-quality culture and create enterprise genes is an inevitable epochal proposition for every fast-developing enterprise.

On Jun. 6th, 2019, the first "MSG Carnival" was solemnly held. All the staff of MSG headquarters gathered together to create a win-win situation. It was a feast featuring cultural, interactive and innovative humanities. The theme of this event was "wàn", which not only expressed the good vision for the group development in the future, but also highlighted the spirit of gathering people for the masses and innovating by tens of thousands of people, thus reflecting the excellent enterprise gene and profound cultural accumulation of MSG.

▲ The theme of MSG carnival was "wàn"

As an important carrier of enterprise culture, characteristic thematic activities are also the innovative inheritance of the group's leader genes. MSG carnival ran through the core value "people-oriented" of MSG, aiming at creating a harmonious enterprise atmosphere with Millionser characteristics and writing a new chapter of great development and prosperity of enterprise culture in the new era. The whole event took "I love my family", "VANVAN Garden Carnival" and "VANVAN Carnival Night" as the main lines, covering flag-raising ceremony, office soft-fitting selection, garden experience, night carnival, red carpet show and other multi-dimensional scenes. All staff indulged in carnival and gained warmth while enjoying the grand occasion of the featured carnival.

"MSG carnival is not only the annual meeting of the group, but also the carnival feast elaborately created by MSG to thank all the staff, which has far-reaching significance. It can not only enrich the staff's spare time, and enhance the staff's sense of happiness and belonging, but also benefit the exchanges, cooperation and resource sharing among different units, so as to provide spiritual motivation for the sustainable development of various industries." Secretary of Party General Branch & MSG CEO, JUN LYU said it when talking about the original intention of the activity. At the same time, he also emphasized that the basic purpose of the event was "carnival", and hoped that everyone would take part in it enthusiastically and exhibit MSG elegant demeanor.

On the morning, all the staff welcomed the first flag-raising ceremony with good wishes for the great motherland. MSG has always infiltrated the Party culture into all aspects of enterprise management and steadily promoted the construction of grass-roots Party organizations. During this period, JUN LYU, Secretary of MSG General Party Branch, delivered a speech as a representative of the Party members. His generous and passionate words inspired the staff present not to forget their original hearts, keep their mission in mind and strive to be a vanguard model.

Next, Xue Shunliang, Director of Integrated Service Center at Heshan Street, made a speech on the stage, expressing great appreciation for the achievements made by MSG at the present stage, and placing great hopes on its future innovation and development.

Subsequently, the rich and colorful links were staged with wonderful surprises, which added infinite joy to the activities, and the scene was full of joy and harmony.

▲Playing at happy station "VANVAN Garden Carnival"; improving unity and cooperation; Deepening understanding

▲Star-sparkling red carpet show full of enthusiasm, to show the confident demeanor of MSG staff

▲MSG birthday party full of warmth and happiness

▲DJ and drink blending, demonstrating the vitality of MSG staff

▲Funny games, MSG Mooncake gambling, creative interaction bring surprise and continuous carnival experience

It was worth mentioning that the establishment of "Millionser Red Fund" was the most significant highlight of the event, which painted the strongest ink for the whole carnival. Staff won the "Glory Medal" by playing at station and completing the pass-through game, and converted it into a love fund to inject it into "Millionser Red Fund". Gathering strength and transferring red positive energy, all staff had taken practical actions to contribute our strength to the development of public welfare and philanthropy. At the same time, the establishment of "Millionser Red Fund" was another breakthrough in the practice of public welfare for MSG, which reflected the group's determination and perseverance to assume social responsibility.

The first "MSG Carnival" came to a successful conclusion with laughter and happiness. In the future, MSG will continue to carry out the business purpose of "people-oriented, creating a better life", focus on building a strong humanistic care system, creating a harmonious and healthy enterprise culture atmosphere, and strive to achieve the goal of mutual integration and common development among staff and enterprise.