EE Zhang's Passionate Song

EE Zhang, MSG spokesperson, well-known singer, actor, director and producer, has been praised as the "All-round Girl" by the medias for her cross-border and synchronous development in career. She has set up Millionse Yunhui Alleviation Center with MSG to devote herself to the development of public welfare undertakings.

On Jul. 1st, the new song "My New Age", composed by EE Zhang, the "All-round Girl", is released online entirely. This is an innovative attempt of EE Zhang's red inspirational works, which combines her own perception and thinking of the new era, singing a beautiful ode to China and eulogizing the era. It is a refreshing inspirational work.

"My New Era" uses the style of combining Chinese and Western music. It creatively integrates the classical and gentle characteristics of traditional Chinese musical instruments, zither and flute, and the happy rhythm of Western Cello and modern music , so that the overall style of expression is both stable and powerful. Through the deduction of EE Zhang's voice and feeling, "My New Era" fully demonstrates the passionate and upward attitude of the dreamers of the times, and also arouses the red passion in the hearers' blood.

When singing the song "My New Era", EE Zhang used the singing skills ingeniously, singing the "original heart does not change", "Chinese dream", "proud blood" impressively, and deducted the "new era of standing up, becoming rich and strong" incisively and vigorously. Listen attentively, the words and songs are both hard and soft, depicting every individual's determination to pursue his dream bravely in the opportunities of the new era, as well as his expectation and gratitude for the motherland, the times and the future.

The rise and prosperity of the motherland made her deeply feel the pride of being a Chinese daughter. Facing the spring breeze of the times and witnessing the continuous prosperity of the motherland, she hopes to be able to shoulder the mission of being a literary and artistic worker. Through the form of music, she eulogizes the "Chinese Dream" and sings the "Chinese Dream", so that the vitality of the new era can dance, rise and blossom on the notes.

Silk road blossoms. Today's China is entering a great new era. This song, which embodies heroic passion, will also be the main theme song of the popular CCTV-15 music channel, dedicating China's 70th birthday. In order to present a visual feast of "New Era", EE Zhang and CCTV's famous production team traveled all over the country to overcome all difficulties and obstacles and finally completed the MV full-length production of "My New Era".

Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind. EE Zhang is keen on public welfare and charity. She goes to poor families for many times to help them in pairs, collects books and materials for poor areas, appeals to the society to pay attention to the rehabilitation of deaf children and so on. She practices her "Chinese Dream" with actions and deduces her "new era".

In addition to the song "My New Era", EE Zhang has also created a large number of excellent works, among which "Shang Li" and "Xin Gui Yun Shui Jian" and other popular songs will soon be online. More to be expected is that "My New Era" by EE Zhang will also be showed in the near future. Let's wait and see!