MSG Team Wins Championship in Hefei Station of the National 3×3 Golden League

On Jun. 16th, Hefei station finals of 2019 National 3×3 Golden League (SGL) opened. With excellent ball skills and tacit cooperation, MSG team stood out among many strong teams, wining the championship and successfully entering the national finals, which fully demonstrated its strong basketball strength.

The National 3×3 Golden League was an influential three-player basketball tournament. It covered 150 cities in China with a wide competition system and development channels, which attracted 30,000 teams and 120,000 people to participate enthusiastically. The competition to win the championship at Hefei station was brilliant and fierce. Through three semi-finals, the teams competed for the championship. They were MSG team, Battle team, Cruise Fleet team and Quadra Kill team, which had fought their way out in the preliminary match on Jun. 15th through their excellent skills.

In the first semi-final, Battle team and Cruise Fleet team jointly showed a wonderful battle and won a lot of applause on the spot. Subsequently, in the second semi-final, MSG team and Quadra Kill team were equally matched, which could be regarded as one of the highlights of the final. MSG team was led by Zhang Jiabin, the famous "Shooter" /the three-point king in the history of the former CUBA team of Huaqiao University. During the competition, MSG team broke through the difficulties, and the members of the team had a good understanding. They beat their rivals with excellent technical scores and entered the finals.

After a series of intense and exciting basketball interaction, the exciting finals of Hefei station were finalized. MSG team and Battle team launched a desperate struggle. Eventually, MSG team won the championship with a overwhelming score of 21:6, and the competition came to a successful conclusion.

In this event, MSG team shines brilliantly, demonstrating the sports spirit of striving for the first thoroughly and vividly, and presenting to the outside world the comprehensive strength of MSG sports industry that can not be underestimated. Over the years, MSG has been working hard on the layout of the sports industry, aiming at "Sports for All Benefits People", actively advocating a healthy lifestyle, owning football, basketball, badminton, fitness, golf, tree climbing and other sports, devoting itself to updating the public's sports concept and promoting the spirit of sports culture in an all-round way.

Except this event, MSG participated in many sports events and achieved fruitful results. It was awarded the four individual champions: the first runner-up of the "National Amateur Badminton Doubles Mixed Group Invitational Competition" (Xiamen Station), the third runner-up of the "2008 Xiamen National Fitness Games Badminton Club League", and the third runner-up of the "2018 National East-West-North-South Middle Badminton Championship"—— Fujian Provincial Selection Competition. Its strength is strong and unstoppable.

In addition, MSG extensively organized and developed basketball matches, among which "Millionser Basketball National Competition" had been successfully held for three times, providing a good platform for the vast number of basketball fans to talk with each other, greatly promoting the multi-party exchange, information flow, and resource sharing of basketball matches, and advancing the vigorous development of basketball career.

It is worth mentioning that MSG will also name "2019 Youth Championship Series in Fujian Province " to vigorously promote the development of youth sports. Additionally, in order to help "The 2019 Cross-Strait & Hong Kong and Macao Sports Series for General Public ——Tree Climbing Tournament" hosted by the Liaison Department of the All-China Sports Federation and Fujian Sports Federation, MSG actively hosted the three-man basketball match and the tree climbing invitation match, which are both cultural and communicative, and will inevitably cause great social impact. Let's look forward to it together!

In the future, MSG will continue to implement General Secretary Xi's instruction of "Sports Power", deepen the  clusters development of sports industry by integrating high-quality social resources, and strive to build an all-round cultural service platform for sports industry to boost the prosperity of China's sports industry.