Millionser Growth Plan Helps Children's Education and Lights Their Dreams

Education booms the country. Education is the fundamental way for human beings to inherit civilization and create a better life. It is also the key to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. As an indispensable part of basic education in China, children's education has far-reaching significance for the implementation of comprehensive quality education.

Millionser Group always upholding the core value of "people-oriented", attaches great importance to the development of education. While injecting high-quality "art gene" into the group's education industry chain, it actively devotes itself to the public welfare undertakings of education. It has successively established the "Millionser Entrepeurship Fund in Hefei University of Technology", "Millionser Arts Development Fund in Fujian Normal University"," "Promoting Learning and Education Fund", etc. Recently, it has officially launched the Millionser Growth Plan and set up "Millionser Growth Fund", aiming at fulfilling its social responsibility, helping children grow up with love, and promoting the development of quality education in China.

The first batch of "Millionser Growth Fund" winners came into being through MSG internal selection method. After receiving a large number of recommendation materials from Millionser kindergartens, Millionser Sailing and the children of the group's on-the-job staff, the evaluation team worked overtime, adhering to the principle of "openness, fairness, and selection of the best", and strictly enforcing the selection criteria. They selected talents under conducting a comprehensive evaluation of "morality, intelligence, physical, fitness, beauty and labor". Through the combination of scoring and voting, three outstanding children representatives with all-round development were finally selected: Jiang Yan, Jiang Jingyi and Gao Haosheng.

"Little Dancer"

Jiang Yan, Lianqian Primary School in Xiamen

Jiang Yan loved dancing from early age. She was very diligent. She always maintained her enthusiasm for dancing. With her unremitting efforts, she won the third grade Certificate of Arts Graded Examination of China, and stood out in the Fujian Competition of the Asian International Dance Competition, winning the Special Award of the Children's Group. She not only shows amazing talent in dancing, but also emerges in the field of painting. Her works are full of imagination and creativity. She has won awards frequently in various competitions.


Jiang Jingyi, Ruijing Primary School in Xiamen

Jiang Jingyi, a music lover, is persistent and resolute. Her long-term and hard piano training has made her playing skills more and more advanced. She has performed brilliantly in the Schubert International Youth Piano Competition and won the Bronze Prize in Fujian Competition. At the same time, the piano also trained her dedication and willpower, so that she could be a vigorous young soldier in military cultural activities.

"Little Sportsman"

Gao Haosheng, Caitang School in Xiamen

As a young boy, Gao Haosheng is bright and intelligent. He is very fond of and good at sports. He is outstanding in many sports, such as taekwondo and running. He has won the Certificate of Chinese Taekwondo Grade 8. In addition, he has a wide range of interests and hobbies, and also made outstanding achievements in painting. He is a good student with both good quality and learning in the eyes of teachers and sets a good example for his classmates.

Aiming at the outstanding children representatives selected in the Millionser Growth Plan, MSG will provide them with various forms of help and support, including multiple rewards such as dream fund, characteristic courses, cultural research and experience, and tailor-made growth plan. It will provide free child star and art training etc., so that children can give full play to their potential and broaden their horizons in the practices, to further enhance their artistic literacy and grow happily and healthily.

Love is unbounded, assisting dreams go far. The first evaluation of Millionser Growth Plan has come to a successful conclusion, laying a solid foundation for the quality education of children. In the future, the talent selection of it will be organized regularly and recruited for the whole society. At that time, outstanding children who meet the evaluation criteria can submit their applications through official channels. Here, MSG hopes that all sectors of society will be able to engage in, together helping the development of Millionser Growth Plan, working hand in hand to write a new chapter of China's educational commonweal undertakings.