Focus on New Technology, Build the Dream of a Powerful China

On July 1st, on the occasion of the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, JUN LYU, secretary of party general branch & MSG CEO, together with all the staff of MSG headquarters, held a grand flag-raising ceremony to celebrate the Party's birthday and paid tribute to the beautiful new era of the motherland. 

The flag-raising ceremony officially began with the sound of orderly and powerful steps of the group flag guards. The vigorous and magnificent song "March of the Volunteers" was accompanied by the rising of the five-star red flag, which beard the glorious history of the Chinese nation. All the staff were respectful. A sense of pride and mission arose spontaneously, and the ideal and belief of "never forget the first heart, remember the mission" was more firm.

"Science and technology are the foundation of national prosperity, and innovation is the soul of national progress. At present, we are striding forward into a new era, standing on the international stage with the posture of rising great powers. All this can not be separated from the great strategy of General Secretary Xi's 'dream of strengthening the army and the country'. China's high-speed rail, sky-eye telescope, Tianhe supercomputer, Liaoning aircraft carrier, Beidou satellite positioning system, Chang'e lunar landing satellite and others appeared frequently. Each time out of nothing made the world shocked. These 'New Technology' is the 'strong heart' of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the development of the times, and also pronoun of wisdom, innovation and change. "

——JUN LYU, Secretary of Party General Branch & MSG CEO

As a brand-new concept, "New Technology" proposed by JUN LYU was first known to all.

"New Technology" refers to all innovative technologies with subversive significance to human society, covering a series of cutting-edge and most representative high-tech fields such as big data, artificial intelligence, intelligent city, interconnection of all things, 5G technology, biotechnology, medical rehabilitation, etc. It will become a symbol of the era and the pronoun of time-leading scientific and technological field, which brings infinite possibilities and expectations for people's lives.

All along, MSG has been following the trend of national development and the era, constantly carrying out scientific and technological innovations and attempts, such as research and development of oily sludge disposal technology, emotional robots, new energy, new materials, big data, Internet of Things and 5G communication layout, etc.

Among them, Hengkun new materials, as the focus of MSG's "New Technology" field, has persisted in innovative semiconductor research for many years and successfully listed in 2015. Hengkun new materials has become the third listed company in the industry, effectively filling the gap of advanced semiconductor electronic materials in China, and has broad market development potential.

Share Same ——the same goal. In the future, MSG will continue to respond to the call of national policy, putting "New Technology" at the core of the overall development, making breakthroughs and innovations, striving to integrate "New Technology" into MSG's industrial projects with an open vision, shared thinking and win-win mentality, and building the situation that multi-industry develop jointly. While pushing the group forward steadily, we will contribute to the "dream of strong army and country".