National Health Commission Training Course Visited Taho Rehab

On the afternoon of November 20, members of the national training course for the elderly health and medical care in poverty-stricken areas, convened by National Health Commission, visited Hua Xia Medical Park for investigation and research. Ying Keman, director of Xiamen Taho Rehab hospital, led all staff to receive the training members and guided them to visit the hospital.

In order to let everyone have a comprehensive understanding of the hospital, Director Ying Keman made a brief introduction to the hospital in the Waiting Hall on the first floor, and arranged special commentators to guide reception in the OT treatment area and the orthopedic rehabilitation area on the second floor, and the ST treatment area and the neurological rehabilitation area on the third floor which are currently open to the public.

It is understood that this training course is composed of practitioners from medical institutions all over the country, aiming to improve their professional level and increase their knowledge through visiting, learning and mutual exchanges. During the visit, the reception staff carefully answered all the questions about the hospital construction.

When visiting all kinds of rehabilitation equipment in the treatment hall, the members of the training course were full of curiosity and experienced all kinds of equipment, such as balance function training and evaluation system.

Balance function training and evaluation system: when stepping on the balance board, you can keep balance by paying attention to the track situation on the LCD screen, so as to achieve the purpose of exercise. Such equipment has a significant effect on functional reconstruction of hemiplegia, walking disorder and other patients caused by stroke.

In addition, on-site visitors also experienced hand function training integrated platform, balance function training system and other equipment.

It was worth mentioning that the number of visitors this time was up to 150, which was the largest since the establishment of the Hospital. Through this visit, the members of the training course had a close contact with the special rehabilitation hospital characterized by severe rehabilitation. For the combination of elderly health and medical care, rehabilitation hospital plays an indispensable role. The hospital had also obtained many valuable guidance and suggestions in this investigation.