JUN LYU, MSG CEO Inspected Sailing Education

On Nov. 30, JUN LYU, MSG CEO, visited Sailing Education's divisions in Xiamen for inspection and guidance, accompanied by Andy Wang, chairman of trade union and executive vice president of MSG,  and the heads of all units in the headquarters.

The inspection team first went to Fanghu Division of Sailing Education to conduct in-depth inspection and guidance on the brand image, teaching environment, facilities, curriculum, services, safety work, etc., and put forward rectification requirements for the potential safety problems existing. JUN LYU proposed that, as an educational brand, we should first place the safety of students, on the basis of ensuring the safety of students, constantly improve brand awareness, multi-dimensional enhance teaching quality, and put brand operation into practice.

During the inspection, the inspection team carried out key inspections on the brand image and the guide of road signs. After visiting the teaching environment, JUN LYU had a cordial talk with the staff, and gave clear instructions on the closing work of the division construction, requiring strict quality control of the project, strengthening the details processing, and ensuring that in the opening activity on Dec. 8, a brand-new image of Sailing Education style will be displayed.

Subsequently, the inspection team went to Niuzhuang, Wuyuanwan, Banshang and headquarter divisions to carry out inspection and guidance, and listened to the progress reports of the project. JUN LYU understood the problems encountered in the operation of each divisions from the aspects of team management, resource allocation, financial risk control, etc., and put forward many constructive suggestions while giving care. In addition, the inspection team also assessed the group's cultural propaganda work and the activity participation of teaching staff.

The project inspection guidance is an important part of the annual investigation and inspection work of MSG. JUN LYU stressed that all projects should continue to strengthen the sense of responsibility, do a good job in implementation and concluding work, and strive to complete all objectives and tasks throughout the year.