MSG CEO Visited Quanzhou Southern Shaolin International School

On Nov. 27, JUN LYU, MSG CEO, returned to Quanzhou Southern Shaolin International School with deep feeling to his Alma Mater. He was warmly received by Chen Xiang, Headmaster, Wang Bing, Vice Headmaster and Huang Yishan, Director of the Enrollment Department.

In order to promote the communication between the group and the school, CEO JUN LYU and his delegation had an in-depth discussion with Headmaster Chen Xiang and others. During the discussion, JUN LYU had a detailed understanding of the enrollment, teaching, campus construction and admissions rate of the school in recent years.

Headmaster Chen Xiang said that the school always adheres to the school motto of "The best and the most beautiful", encourages learning and practice, pays close attention to the quality of education and teaching, and has achieved phased results. He analyzed the advantages and teaching characteristics of the middle schools in Quanzhou, and discussed the development opportunities and challenges faced by the schools in the current education environment.

JUN LYU proposed that in order to sail in the wave of education reform, it is necessary to adjust the orientation and thinking of the school in time, inject high-quality art gene into the campus construction, realize differential positioning, and build a professional private school with characteristics. Later, JUN LYU put forward many constructive suggestions on the future development plan of the school, and expressed the hope that in the later stage, he could carry out in-depth cooperation with the school to jointly promote the construction and development of the Alma Mater.

After the discussion, JUN LYU visited the Teaching Building, Training Hall, Student Dormitory, Canteen, etc. He strolled in front of the classroom where he had studied, looking for the traces of the hard study, feeling the vigor and vitality of the school.

During the visit, it happened that the students were training Sanda in the Training Hall. JUN LYU gave full affirmation to the students' uplifting martial arts spirit. He hoped that they could describe their own life blueprint with the momentum and drive of striving for the best in the world.

After the visit, JUN LYU expressed heartfelt thanks to the school leaders for their warm reception. He said that his growth cannot be separated from the earnest teachings of former teachers and friends. In the future, he will continue to care for and support the development of his Alma Mater and contribute to the further sustainable, rapid and healthy development of Quanzhou Southern Shaolin International School.