"TRANSFONG" Deep Tech Park Was Officially Launched in Xiamen

On Nov. 23, Singapore "TRANSFING" Deep Tech Park opening ceremony was grandly held in Xiamen Torch Huizhi Space, announcing the official launch of the project in Xiamen.

Fu Haiyan, Singapore Ministry of Culture,Community and Youth (MCCY), Chi Zhaosen, Consul General of Singapore Consulate General in Xiamen (SCGX), You Shanbei, Deputy Director of Enterprise Singapore — Growing Enterprises (ESG), Huang Shiwei, Senior Director of Singapore Ministry of Trade & Industry (MTI), Li Huiyue, Deputy Mayor of Xiamen Municipal Government, Huang Xiaozhou, Director of Management Committee of Xiamen Torch Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Lin Chongyang, District Chief of Huli District People's Government of Xiamen, Kong Suting, Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs Office of Xiamen Municipality, Yao Fufa, Chairman of Singapore Jiashi Group, JUN LYU, MSG CEO and other relevant leaders and business enterprise representatives from Singapore and Xiamen attended the event, visited the Transfong platform operation center, and learned about the science and innovation projects settled in Transfong.

China & Singapore Governments Jointly Support the Establishment of New Incubators in Xiamen

Singapore "Transfong" Deep Tech Park project is established by the core team of Transfong Ventures in Singapore, which is a new incubator adopting the mode of "Technology and innovation co-construction". With the support of SCGX and ESG, the project was jointly introduced by Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone Management Committee and Huli District Government of Xiamen, and signed to settle in Xiamen in September this year.

Transfong has investment teams and incubation centers in Singapore and Xiamen. It focuses on the key elements of talent introduction, technology transfer, entrepreneurship incubation and investment and financing services in the transnational technology transfer chain, builds an open and shared tech venture incubation platform, guides the international technology projects and talent teams to settle in Xiamen, promotes the development of Xiamen's high-tech industry, and also helps Xiamen technology enterprises go to the international market through Singapore, thus promoting the internationalization of Xiamen local enterprises.

Build a Two-way Open Tech Venture Platform, Singapore Brand First Launched

With the start-up and operation of Deep Tech Park, a number of tech innovation projects flood in. At present, the first two projects — hospital security project, JCS Biotech and industrial Internet of Things security project, MEMSing, have been settled in the Park. Transfong platform will also launch t-camp international tech venture training exchange plan next year. Through cooperation with local government institutions, scientific research institutes and investment institutions in Singapore, it will link international resources for Xiamen tech venture enterprises and help them expand overseas markets.

As an enterprise representative in the field of tech venture in China, MSG will conduct in-depth cooperation with Transfong, hoping to lead the group's tech venture projects to explore overseas markets and expand the global industrial landscape through this international tech venture cooperation platform, and at the same time, take the "leader" position in realizing the "going out" of China's tech venture projects through the Singapore market.

As an international tech venture co-creation platform jointly supported by the two governments, Singapore's "Transfong" Deep Tech Park project is the core link to help Singapore's tech venture enterprises enter the Chinese market, and also an important bridge for China's tech venture enterprises to develop overseas business. It establishes and maintains an international high-tech innovation resource channel connecting Singapore and China. In his speech, Dr. Li Wei, CEO of Transfong, said that he hoped that more Singapore enterprises would come to Xiamen and enter China like Jiashi Group, and more Xiamen enterprises and Chinese enterprises would go to the world like MSG through Singapore.

It is worth mentioning that on the morning of Nov. 25, mayor of Xiamen, Zhuang Jiahan met with the main leaders of Singapore government departments and CEO of Transfong, Li Wei. The two sides discussed the potential of cooperation between Xiamen and Singapore, and exchanged views on the Transfong project to further promote the joint development of both sides.