Beebox Is One of the Top 10 Suppliers of Face Recognition Gate

Recently, the famous domestic ITB2B resource docking platform, DOIT, released the list of "top 30 suppliers of face recognition gate solutions in China 2019", which covered the suppliers of face recognition software and hardware, security, gate hardware and other ecological chain suppliers. Beebox's infinity series Wanxiang series face recognition channel recognition terminal is among the top 10 with excellent product performance, experience and light and luxurious design.

Top 30 high quality suppliers of face recognition gate issued by DOIT

Infinity series Wanxiang series face channel recognition terminal is a middle and high-end face recognition gate product launched by Beebox. The new access management equipment used in combination with turnstiles can realize "face-scanning" access, and can also realize multiple verification access in combination with ID card, IC card and QR code.

The product adopts 8-inch high-definition touch screen and visible light + near-infrared binocular camera to realize living detection and accurate recognition in complex environment. The personnel base can reach 100,000 personnel at most, and the recognition accuracy rate is 99.99%.

Embedded GPU high-speed processor can achieve local recognition speed of 300ms, which is not affected by network status. The terminal adopts modular design, which can be quickly and organically combined with the existing business systems of various industry application scenarios, such as ticketing system, customs clearance management system, regional control management software, etc., greatly reducing the operation management cost and improving the efficiency.

Infinity series Wanxiang series face channel recognition terminal has super compatibility, can be used with the gate products of mainstream manufacturers, and does not occupy the gate industrial computer resources, to ensure stable and reliable operation.

As a leading face recognition product in the industry, infinity series not only has powerful functions, but also represents the highest level of industrial design of similar products in China. This series of products won the global industrial design award in 2019 - the German Red Dot Award, with 18mm ultra thin body, large screen share, high-strength aviation aluminum material, and 32 procedures of fine processing.

At present, Beebox infinity series Wanxiang series face channel recognition terminals have been widely used in nearly 30 provinces and cities across the country, and are widely applied in high-end office buildings, hotels, universities, airports, communities, transportation hubs and other fields. Through face recognition, the traffic conditions of people in specific occasions are effectively managed, greatly improving the working efficiency of the management, providing you with a safer and more efficient, convenient and intelligent working and living environment.