Millionser International Travel Service Visa Exchange Meeting Was Held in Zhangzhou

On Nov. 19, the 3rd Millionser International Travel Service (MITS) Visa Exchange Meeting of "travel boundless, go hand in hand" was successfully held in Wyndham Grand Plaza Royale Mingfa, Zhangzhou, attracting the elite representatives of major travel agencies in Zhangzhou to participate in it.

The lively street dance kicked off the Visa Exchange Meeting. "MITS is one of the important projects of MSG, a professional tourism comprehensive service platform based on all-round services" At the beginning, Liu Wenjuan, head of MITS, took the lead in introducing MITS to the guests present. She pointed out that MITS will adhere to the guiding ideology of "open, sharing and win-win" of MSG, share tourism resources with a large platform, join hands with major travel agencies, break the boundaries of the industry and seek common development.

In the session of visa professional knowledge sharing, Liu Wenjuan, the keynote speaker, shared from the aspects of visa terminology analysis, entry and exit functional department decomposition, division of various visa areas, visa types and policy interpretation of popular countries, etc. In addition, with years of rich experience, she analyzed the difficult problems encountered in the process of visa application and solutions through the classic case, which was full of real stuff, benefiting a lot. The guests listened attentively and took notes carefully, for fear of missing the wonderful moment.

Along with the laughter, the exchange came to the end, and guests had shared their learning experience. Mr. Lin, who has been working for two years, said that this exchange meeting helped him clear the visa blind area, clearly sorted out visa processing business, and provided great help for his future work. The boss of a travel agency said that he benefited a lot from the excellent case analysis and learned various skills to help customers write explanation letters.

As the first appearance of MITS in Zhangzhou tourism industry, the visa exchange meeting was strongly recognized by the elite representatives present. At present, 2019 MITS visa exchange meeting has been successfully held in three cities of Xiamen, Zhangzhou, and Quanzhou. The fourth closing station will return to Xiamen and be held in the headquarters of MSG on Nov. 28. We will continue to talk about new opportunities for tourism development with our peers.