Interaction Between Xiamen and Hefei, MSG CEO, JUN LYU "Spoke for" Xiamen

On Dec. 6, the conference of 2020 graduates' demand information and admission policy of Xiamen City and the school-enterprise docking activity were successfully held in Hefei University of Technology (HFUT). Nearly one hundred enterprises in Xiamen took 1839 positions to Hefei to recruit talents, and made in-depth contact with the talent resources of colleges and universities in Anhui Province, providing talent assistance for the high-quality development of Xiamen. JUN LYU, President of Xiamen Alumni Association of HFUT and MSG CEO, attended the event as an important representative and made a special sharing to "speak for" Xiamen.

The event was hosted by Xiamen Municipal Committee and Xiamen Municipal Government, organized by the Organization Department of Xiamen Municipal Committee, Xiamen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Xiamen Education Bureau, and co-organized by Xiamen Talent Service Center. Chen Shenyang, member of the Standing Committee of Xiamen Municipal Committee and director of the Organization Department of Xiamen Municipal Committee, Chen Honghai, member of the Standing Committee and vice president of HFUT, Wu ChuanHua, director of Anhui Talent Center, Wu Xinkui, director of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Xiamen City, and heads of employment departments of some colleges and universities of Anhui Province and Hefei city attended the event.

Chen Shenyang said in his speech that Xiamen Special Economic Zone is an ideal city to realize dream. He warmly expected more outstanding graduates to come to Xiamen to settle down, feel at ease and work safely.

Chen Honghai delivered a speech for the event. He looked forward to further cooperation between Xiamen and Hefei universities in the future, and the establishment of a normalized cooperation mechanism.

On the conference, Wu Xinkui released the 2020 graduates' demand analysis report, publicized and recommended Xiamen's development advantages and employment environment, analyzed the relevant policies of talents' employment and entrepreneurship in Xiamen, and expected more young people and excellent graduates to join in the great cause of Xiamen Special Economic Zone serving the national strategy.

As the president of Xiamen Alumni Association of HFUT, JUN LYU played a role in connecting Xiamen and Hefei in this event. In order to attract more excellent talents from Anhui Province to Xiamen for employment and entrepreneurship, JUN LYU actively connected with all resources, closely contacted with Xiamen Ivy League, mobilized Xiamen Alumni Association of universities to actively participate in the event, and organized representatives of the alumni association to participate in the theme sharing and "speak for" Xiamen.

JUN LYU took "Island light" as the theme and shared the charm of Xiamen from four aspects of "beauty, opportunity, fun and hope" in combination with his own entrepreneurial experience. "Xiamen is a city with its own halo, full of vigorous vitality and charming affinity". With the breakthrough of the economy and the innovation of the pattern, Xiamen continues to show a strong development prospect. The smooth holding of the BRICs summit and the successful settlement of the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival have injected new vitality into the development of diversified industries in Xiamen. On behalf of Xiamen, he welcomed talents from colleges and universities in Anhui Province to Xiamen for employment and entrepreneurship, creating their own "Xiamen dream".

As an excellent alumni of HFUT, Tu Bin vividly introduced the characteristics of Xiamen's openness and inclusiveness from the unique perspective of architects, and told his touch and feelings of Xiamen based on his own experience.

On the same day, the campus recruitment and school-enterprise docking activities were held simultaneously in the gym of HFUT. Nearly 100 Xiamen "three high" enterprises, high-tech enterprises, listed enterprises and high-quality enterprises came to the scene for recruitment. Many employers took the initiative to show high welfare treatment, gathering a high popularity.

Nearly 3000 outstanding graduates and university teachers from China University of Science and Technology, Hefei University of Technology, Anhui University and other universities focused on Xiamen Island, and conducted in-depth exchanges and docking with enterprises. With the favorable new talent policy, excellent employment and business environment, Xiamen, as a special economic zone, has an attractive development prospect, which ignites the enthusiasm of college students for employment.

Talent is the strategic capital of enterprise development and the first driving force of urban development. This activity is an important measure for Xiamen to gather talents in colleges and universities, and also a strong driving force for Xiamen's high-quality leap-forward development. The concept of "attracting talents to seek development and cultivating talents to add vitality" coincides with MSG's "people-oriented" business operation. The group will also sincerely invite global talents with the attitude of "open, sharing and win-win" to strive for common goals.