Fujian MSG Action Foundation is established to actively invest in and implement promoting learning and teaching, targeted poverty alleviation, serious illness assistance, public welfare competitions, etc. with responsible and courageous corporate feelings. Meanwhile, it calls on the caring people of social to participate in charity and public welfare undertakings, constantly spread positive energy, and strive to build a harmonious development pattern between enterprises and society.
All along, MSG attaches great importance to public charity undertakings, strives to fulfill social responsibility with the original intention of non-profit, deepens its efforts in the field of people's livelihood, helps improve the social security system and contributes to the construction of a harmonious society.

* MSG establishes INFAN Poverty Alleviation Service Center to help the poor and needy families for a long time, aid the seriously ill groups with love, and appeal to society to pay attention to the rehabilitation of deaf children, etc.

* MSG launches the Poverty Alleviation Project in Lingbi County, with more than 24,000 agricultural products on the platform, creating value nearly 4 million yuan, which is unanimously appraised by the local government and fellow villagers.

* We set up MSG Volunteer Service Center, which is a solid fortress composed of Party members, to demonstrate the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, and extensively carry out the work of serving the masses.

* MSG actively sponsors 98 China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT 98), Boao Forum, International Marathon, Ivy League, Alumni Association, Education Industry Expo, etc.

* MSG initiates Xiamen Lei Feng Volunteer Association, actively carries forward Lei Feng spirit, continuously deepens volunteer service, and vigorously promotes the construction of urban civilization.

* For his long-term public sentiment and practice, JUN LYU was invited to participate in China Charity Festival and won the Public Figure Award of the 9th of China Charity Festival.

Over the years, MSG has been following the Party and devoted to being a sentimental, warm and responsible enterprise. It has set up "Millionser Red Fund", "Millionser Growth Fund", "Promoting Learning and Education Fund", "Millionser Entrepreneurship Fund in Hefei University of Technology", "Millionser Arts Development Fund in Fujian Normal University" and so on,to earnestly invest in and implement public welfare projects.

* Millionser Red Fund

With the original intention of transmitting the red positive energy, MSG has been exploring and innovating in the field of "Party Building&Public Welfare". Through the establishment of "Millionser Red Fund", it sings the theme of the original intention and solidly promotes the construction of basic-level Party organizations.

* Millionser Growth Fund

MSG puts forward new goals at the level of social responsibility and decided to launch the "Millionser Growth Plan", which selected outstanding children from all sectors of society, and provided support from the "Millionser Growth Fund" to help them grow up healthily.

* "Promoting Learning and Teaching" Education Fund

On the 20th Anniversary of Anxi No.7 Middle School — Friendship Association of 1998 Graduates, MSG CEO, JUN LYU, joined hands with well-known alumni to set up the "Promoting Learning and Education Fund", aiming at affirming the excellent teachers' teaching achievements, while nurturing more outstanding students to send more talents to society and help the development of Alma Mater.

* Millionser Entrepreneurship Fund in Hefei University of Technology

As an outstanding alumnus of Hefei University of Technology, JUN LYU always cares about the development of his school. He has contributed money to the construction of the History Hall and the Alumni Activity Center of Hefei University of Technology. At the same time, he has set up the "Millionser Entrepreneurship Fund in Hefei University of Technology" to train innovative and entrepreneurial talents and support college students to actively participate in the practice of innovation and entrepreneurship.

* Millionser Arts Development Fund in Fujian Normal University

Education is the foundation of a century-long plan. The establishment of "Millionser Arts Development Fund in Fujian Normal University" provides a platform of cultural innovation and artistic exchange for students, and illuminates their artistic dreams.

In order to let every child have a chance to make a good life, MSG always pays attention to children's growth and gathers the strength of caring units, groups and peoplefrom all sides of society, to build a public welfare platform for children to exercise, develop their abilities and improve their quality.

* Children Voice

With the aim of "conveying civilization by voice", Children Voice is the nationally cultural public welfare brand competition IP for children's art. Perfect competition system, professional evaluation and rich operational team have attracted wide participation of the society.

* Happy Football

Little football carries big dream. As a large-scale brand event to help promote children's football, itpromotes the development of children's football in China by popularizing the knowledge and skills of football.

* Merchant Chorus Festival

New sound praises China. As an innovative cultural brand singing competition, it not only creates a platform for entrepreneurs to communicate with each other, but also helps the construction and development of Xiamen's cultural and art undertakings.

MSG actively responds to the national strategy of "national fitness", and advocates "sports as a stage, spirit sings", owning various sports projects, perfect training system, large-scale complex gym, widely carrying out friendship, interest and international competitions, and taking high sports spirit as the group's characteristic culture, thus forming the blueprint of MSG sports undertakings, to inject new vitality into green city!

* Sports

We advocate a healthy lifestyle and gather many well-known professional mentors at home and abroad, involving football, basketball, badminton, golf, fitness, martial arts and others.

* Sports Complex

Through the form of "sports + fitness and leisure", sports, leisure andentertainment and art creation are integrated to meet the needs of people's various sports and leisure sports to the maximum extent.

* Sports Expo

As an important strategic partner of Sports Expo, MSG is invited by the host to participate in the Expo. The whole industry chain of sports sector come together to make efforts, adding an important point to the Expo.

* Major Events

* Achievements

In 2017, MSG won the third place in Xiamen Children's Five Football League of "Millionser Cup".

In 2018, MSG won the Runner-up in the 3rd Cross-Strait and Hong Kong-Macao Mass Badminton Competition.

In 2018, MSG won the third place of Group A in VICTOR National Amateur Badminton Doubles Mixed Group Invitational Competition, Xiamen Branch.

In 2018, MSG won the third place in the Badminton Club League of Xiamen National Fitness Games.

In 2018, MSG respectively won the champion in group A men's doubles, group A mixed doubles, group B men's singles and group B mixed doubles of National East-West-North-South-Center Badminton Competition in Fujian Province.

In 2019, MSG won the champion in Anhui Division of 3×3 Golden.

In 2019, MSG won the second place in Fujian Division of 3×3Golden Basketball League Champion.

In 2019, MSG won the champion in Shooting Competition of Xiamen Federation of Commerce & Industry.