MSG Spokesperson-INFAN

Graduated from Music Academy of Minzu University of China

All-round Artist, Singer, Actress, Director, and Producer

As designated leading singer of CCTV's programs "Happy National Day", "Happy Everyday", she devotes herself to public welfare. She praised by the media as "All-round Artist" for her cross-border and synchronous development in career.

National Targeted Poor Alleviation

In 2016, Typhoon "Moranti" attacked Fujian. She actively participated in post-disaster rescue and helped with her own practical actions.

In response to the call of targeted poverty alleviation, she went deep into pairs to help the poor households in Lantian Village, Anxi County, Fujian Province. She also went to school to teach the children of migrant workers around Beijing for several times.

She sang for "public welfare music show" organized by "Public Welfare Weekly" to raise bookshelves for children in poor areas.

Respond to the "national fitness" strategy, she helped "happy football" National Children's Five-person Football League (Fujian event).

She made contribution to the national youth public welfare activities "Children Voice", and served as image ambassador.

She participated in the rescue activities of deaf children "I-db" many times, calling on the community to pay attention to the rehabilitation of deaf children.

In the future, Yunhui Poverty Alleviation Service Center will also continuously expand the charitable activities to all parts of the country.

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Poetic and sagacious girl — INFAN, with a bright star career and keen interest in public welfare, is a powerful star with all-round development. Her star image with great positive energy is highly consistent with MSG core value of "people-oriented", empowering each other and advancing hand in hand.

MSG strongly invites INFAN to join and gather forces to do the same thing! MSG commercial resources have become a strong support on her star path. At the same time, Yunhui's "All-round Star Power" greatly contributes to MSG prosperity. Both sides have reached a positive explosion in the development energy, which is a brilliant blueprint for Star-enterprise cooperation.

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